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Beta 1 (Mid-August) Changelog

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Good news, everyone! 
Here comes the first version of the Crying Suns’ Beta and its changelog (compared to the Demo version from the Kickstarter)

  • You can now go up to sector 2, and fight the first 2 sector sub-bosses
  • A lot of gameplay balancing (AI, costs, fight patterns, rewards, etc...)
  • 33 new events available in the game, some of which have an impact on the starting- conditions of your fight (For instance, you can now ambush an enemy as well as be ambushed by an enemy, or immediately receive or inflict critical damages)
  • 3 new enemy battleships added : Kosh-Buendia, Empire, Pirate
  • You can now sell units in shops
  • The starting hero roster now includes "generic"  random heroes (in the the end, specific faction heroes will need to be unlocked in-game)
  • Most enemies now have an engineering hero repairing their critical damages
  • Added a visual warning feedback when a unit’s path intersects with asteroids 
  • In-game menu allowing you to quit the game or return to the main menu (No “save” feature for now, be careful!)
  • Some balancing has been made to the "pursuit" mechanism, it should now be a bit easier not to get stuck in the "red" zone

Graphics and sound

  • Added some sound design to the intro cutscene (during the "talking" part)
  • Graphical improvements in the intro cutscene (during the "talking" part)
  • Various improvements on battleship lighting effects
  • The tooltip font size was slightly increased
  • Added Warning popups when using the last of your fuel and when retreating from an expedition
  • A lot of small graphical improvements everywhere in the game and some text corrections



  • Fixed a bug where a weapon cooldown appeared stuck
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes it was impossible to target a squadron anymore
  • Fixed a bug where enemy AI had its units travel through asteroids
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips were not disappearing properly
  • Fixed a dozen other smaller bugs through the game (performance issues, misplaced objects, stupid AI moves, etc...)
  • Fixed a bug where the bug report popup was not keeping the game in "pause" mode


If you have questions about it, you can reply here ?


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For now, as we still develop the dialog events, we modifiy and add text ingame quite often. That's why we prefer to wait for a stabilized version of the Beta (in terms of texts) before translating it into French.

So, I can't give you any delay, but it will come ?

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Thanks to your reports, we have fixed 2 bugs in the Beta, and have just updated the downloadable files (Windows / OSX) on our Google Drive space. To download the new version, you can use the URL we have sent you in our previous Backerkit message. If you can't find it anymore, don't panic. You will soon receive a new e-mail with all the necessary information.


  • Units selection bug (during some battles). For more information, you can take a look at the dedicated thread.
  • Star map display bug. For more information, you can take a look at the dedicated thread.

If you have questions or feedbacks about this message, you can reply here!

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Caroline, can you tell us when the next Beta version will come out?  I think I've worn out Beta 1.1

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