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Beta 16 Announcement

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Greetings Fellow Space Adventurers!
Here goes the Beta 16.0!
For this version, we worked on many big improvements on several aspects:

  • French, Spanish, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese versions were added! (Don’t hesitate to send us your feedbacks if something sounds weird in those languages by the way).🌏
  • A huge work on performances, meaning a big FPS jump for most of you 🚀 
  • Again, a lot of work has been done on music, fight sounds, sfx, interface sounds... 🎵
  • UI improvements (squadron hover, Neo-N scavenging) 
  • And, as usual, A LOT of other features, game balancing and bugfix 🐛

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.
The Crying Suns development team.

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