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Beta 13 Changelog

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Greetings Space Explorers!

Here goes the Beta 13.0!

Selected parts:

  • You can now unlock new officers... and new battleships throughout the game 🚀 
  • A lot of work has been done on musics, fight sounds, sfx, interface sounds... Listen carefuly 🎵
  • We have added the interstitial tunnel animation for your inter-system travel
  • And, as usual, A LOT of other features and bugfix 🐛

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.

The Crying Suns development team.



  • MAJOR: Added the unlock logic for officers and battleships
  • GLOBAL: Lot of balancing through the game
  • Starting officer roster is now only rerolled after reaching sector 2

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

  • Huge improvements to musics, fight sounds, sfx, interface sounds, etc.
  • Added the interstitial tunnel animation for inter-system travel
  • Added A LOT of new visual for civilian ships (with some of them named after our backers), stations, officers, beacons...
  • Added explosion and drift animation to dying ennemy battleships and a bigger one for cluster bosses
  • Added a "fast forward" mode to expeditions
  • Hovering weapons now allows to see its current target and area of effect while in pause
  • Added new visuel effects for several weapons and squadrons special effects.
  • Improved and eased the POI to POI travel animation
  • Improved global space rendering and lights
  • Changed and displayed the controls to "fast forward" dialogs
  • Now displaying the quantity of remaining squadrons in ennemy hangar
  • Now displaying properly "other" type of POI
  • Changed tier icons
  • Added transparency to dialog bubbles
  • Added hover informations to all permanent objects on the battlefied
  •  Changed the risky choice icon

BugFix Major

  • Fixed a bug where wrecked units were still appearing on the battlefied
  • Ion storm could cause the game to be stuck if it destroyed the player battleship
  • Fixed several blocking issues for Hostile fights (red POI)
  • Fixed a bug where a group of 4 boomers could kill the player whatever their hull bars
  • Fixed a bug where prototype squadrons were different from their description after being bought
  • All the characters in the command center where receiving a "blue light" even on a giant red system
  • Fixed serveral bugs concerning screen resolution selection and windowed mode
  • 60 FPS Cap to avoid high end GPU running at 100%
  • Fixed several bugs where the current run save (continue game) was lost

BugFix Minor

  • Dozens of minor bugfixs on Fight, translations, interface, sounds, etc.

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