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Beta 12 Changelog

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Greetings Space Explorers!

Here goes the Beta 12.0!

Selected parts:

  • You can now unlock a lot of new officers throughout the game
  • A lot of new officer and squadron abilities are now available
  • And, as usual, A LOT of other features and bugfix 🐛

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.

The Crying Suns development team.



  • MAJOR: Improved fight tutorial
  • MAJOR: Implemented unlocks throughout the game
  • MAJOR: Pressing Ctrl or Cmd key while selecting a destination will now force the squadron to take the shortest path
  • MAJOR: Pressing Ctrl or Cmd key while selecting a destination will now allow assigning waypoints to the squadron
  • MAJOR: Added dialog events when arriving or being caught in an hostile system (red)
  • MAJOR: Added loading screens with original artworks
  • Squadrons can now have shields
  • Changed officer ability buffing squadrons speed and rate of fire - Now officers can buff the speed or rate of fire but not both anymore
  • New officer ability: "Famous" - Buy and sell prices are multiplied 3
  • New officer ability: "Versatile" - Less life, one more skill
  • New officer ability: "Proximity Defense" - Deals damages over time to enemies adjacent to your battleship system cells
  • New officer ability: "Tactical Weapon" - Increases duration of effects created by weapons
  • New auxiliary system: "Advanced Disassembling" - Increases scrap earned
  • New squadron ability: "Precog Dodge" - Cannot be targeted by adjacent units
  • New squadron ability: "Advanced Stealth" - First attack in Stealth Mode increases damages and heat to systems
  • New squadron ability: "Bender Drive" - Teleports the unit to its destination, but cannot use regular move
  • New squadron ability: "Inertial Drive" - Accelerates while moving in a straight line and deals damages upon impact depending on speed
  • New squadron ability: "Artillery" - Fires a projectile to the enemy battleship, no matter the distance
  • New squadron ability: "Alpha Krafter" - Creates a temporary unit that will disappear at the end of the fight.
  • New squadron ability: "Full Recovery" - Unit cannot be Wrecked and will always recover its max health at 100% even after being destroyed.
  • New squadron ability: "Fast Disassemble" - When damaging enemy battleship, steals scrap
  • New "Prototype" squadron versions - A "Prototype" squadron is procedurally generated with a random ability

Story and events

  • MAJOR: Introduced improved "New Game" flow for first and subsequent runs
  • Added ad faction beacons
  • Added end run cinematic
  • Changed introduction cutscene layout to accommodate main game menu

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

  • Added chapters timeline on the main menu
  • Added current chapter in loading screens and in-game menu
  • Added splash screens
  • Improved visual feedback when squadrons are repelled following an hull part loss

BugFix Major

  • The game start now in full screen by default
  • Fixed victory screen
  • Fixed wrong screen resolution displayed in the Options menu
  • Fixed critics displayed in the wrong place when ambushed

BugFix Minor

  • Fixed typos and missing translations
  • Fixed missing icon for the Health Regen squadron ability
  • Fixed battleships and other space objects zooming in and out when arriving on an expedition planet
  • Fixed missing sounds
  • Fixed quest markers remaining on the system mini map even after having visited the corresponding point of interest
  • Fixed hull upgrade details
  • Fixed a sound playing in loop when arriving at extraction point during expeditions
  • Fixed missing lighting on some battleships
  • Fixed the play of a positive sound when clicking outside the squadron deployment area
  • Fixed missing explosions on the Empire battleship hull
  • Fixed inconsistency between squadron life bars on the battlefield and in info popup windows
  • Fixed wrecked units remaining on the battlefield
  • Fixed remote squadrons being also repelled when a battleship loses a hull bar
  • Fixed wrong deployment destination when the selected deployment target is invalid

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