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Beta 11 Changelog

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Greetings Space Explorers!

Here goes the Beta 11.0!

Selected parts:

  • You can now encounter an electro magnetic stormteleportation cells and/or EMP towers on battlefields
  • You can now play with difficulty levels (Easy / Normal / Hard)
  • And, as usual, some other features and bugfix 🐛

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.

The Crying Suns development team.



  • MAJOR: Added Difficulty levels (Easy / Normal / Hard)
  • MAJOR: Added sector 4's boss with special power
  • MAJOR: New weapon: Space Bender
  • MAJOR: New Environment: Electro magnetic storm
  • MAJOR: Added EMP tower (shut down nearby units)
  • Positive events have overall increased rewards
  • Officers with 3 skills are now more expensive
  • General Balancing
  • Restored battlefield with turrets
  • Reinforcements: Enemy squadrons can now pop in during fights
  • Critical Damages are now triggered when a dock is overheated after taking damages
  • Turrets do not shoot on battleships anymore
  • Officers already deployed before a fight can use their ability right from the start
  • Squadron cannot move through enemy units nor battleship cells
  • Cruisers have been rebalanced an do less damages
  • Balancing on weapons : Sub zero gun & Dark matter gun
  • Better visualisation of unit exact cell location
  • 3 stacked fires will explode one battleship hull bar
  • Shop in suspicious state are now more expensive

Story and events

  • Various event adjustments

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

  • MAJOR: New Shop Interface
  • MAJOR: New Upgrade Interface
  • MAJOR: New Run Customization screen, displaying locked officers
  • MAJOR: New Options Menu
  • MAJOR: Reworked displayed info regarding : units, targeting range, and outcomes (win / losses)
  • MAJOR: Reworked displayed info regarding support officer : role & boosted room
  • Units can now be selected from the "hangar" menu
  • Multiple weapons visual updates : Beam, Tesla Mines, Heavy Nuke...
  • Added mini scenes in Expedition
  • Added a Magma Planet
  • Added new sounds for expedition


  • Overall Performance improvements (around +10 % FPS)
  • Save files can now sustain version change

BugFix Major

  • Bug report is no longer reporting faulty submit
  • Space bar doesn't trigger fight pause when menu is open
  • When an event destroys a Hull unit, The next fight no longer displays the explosion
  • Battlefield no longer have remaining elements from previous fight
  • Enemy hull was sometimes boosted even without a support officer
  • Explosion visual now match the effect zone of a battleship weapon
  • Outcomes losses were not always  displayed now always fit real ioutcome
  • During events, Battleship  was not always visible
  • Fixed text issues and wording problems
  • Shop window was sometimes not closing on system change
  • Battleship visual is always consistant even after game restart
  • Only left mouse button can validate a dialog choice
  • Player can no longer be blocked during game introduction

BugFix Minor

  • Visual inconsistency fixed when player is restarting the game
  • Options' choices were not saved
  • Small translation issues or missing texts
  • Bug when upgrading
  • Fixed End Disclaimer message
  • Shop were not properly updating display when selling units / repairing squadrons
  • Player cannot repair squadrons anymore if non are available
  • Tooltip are no longer cut by screen edges
  • Fixed display on 4-digits Resources
  • Fixed issues where unavailable items could change status in shops
  • Ship selection popup no longer display outside screen
  • Enemy hull bar had visual issues
  • Wrong faction battleship could be selected
  • Highlight znoe fixed during fight tutorial
  • Cell Gabarit was not always aligned with a fight grid cell
  • Dead squadrons visual no longer block hovering features
  • Visual fix on Explosion & asteroids
  • Fixed Billboard Halo during Battleship explosion
  • Fixe Hover on enemy Squadrons
  • Small fix done on the Holopod system in command center
  • There were no feedback when earning Neo-N
  • Bug on extraction point display
  • Fixed Leading officer's death during expedition
  • Officer statistics could change on click
  • Fixed planet Shader leading to wrong color displays

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