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Beta 9 Changelog

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Greetings Space Explorers!

Here goes the Beta 9.0!

Selected parts:

  • Major rethink and redesign of the expedition feature 🗺️ 
  • Complete rethink of the star system navigation interface 🌏
  • And, as usual, some other features and bugfix 🐛

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.

The Crying Suns development team.



  • MAJOR : Complete rethink of the expedition feature (Thanks to players feedbacks) 
    • The expedition preparation panel knows give risk/reward range informations for each hero
    • The rewards are now clearly separated between one or two "artifacts" plus standard rewards collected along the way
    • The interface provides clearer informations about the collected loot, all the previous steps, and the skill matching resolution per situation
    • The flow has been remade from scratch!
  • MAJOR : Rebalanced first sector to make the difficulty raise smoother and balanced 
  • MAJOR : Rebalanced Frigate and raise their life points
  • The weapon cooldown is now preserved if you undock/dock it during tactical pause. 
  • AI now deploys its units with a bit of randomness 
  • While being subject to a shockwave after a hull explosion, squadrons can now chose a destination or target order that will be carried on after the paralysis is over 
  • An undeploying squadron now no longer stops its movement towards the battleship if intercepted 

Story and events

  • MAJOR : Big updates on all events thanks to your feedbacks (and a bit of balancing too) 
  • MAJOR : Added another batch of events, 90% of final events are now in the game, close to 300 non story events available in game! 
  • MAJOR : Big rewrite of the first story events to make them "tighter" and some improvement of the pacing between story events and gameplay
  • BACKERS : The named stars, story NPC from the backers are now in the game!
  • Doctor Tahee now appear in events in a "crew bubble" instead of an external communication bubble 

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

  • MAJOR : New information display and wording for the "Anomaly" on points of interest (formerly misleading "potential threat") 
  • MAJOR : Complete rethink of the star system navigation interface 
  • MAJOR : Improvement on the ennemy HUD, critical dispatch on enemy rooms should be now easier to understand 
  • MAJOR : Boss chapters now have their own "boss battleship" visual (only Mother is available in the beta for now) and specific visual environment
  • MAJOR : The game has a brand new main menu! The flow is not the final one but the menu is close to its final form 
  • MAJOR : New Command Center ! It has been improved, added some details and widened the field of view 
  • MAJOR : Updated the whole space positioning of objects in the game to make it more "realistic" and avoid some issues like objects overlaping with each others 
  • MAJOR/BACKERS : Now includes the game Credits, with our Backers names! 
  • Improved dialog choices appearance and disappearance animations 
  • Added several tooltip to outcomes in the outcome panel 
  • Added an option for streamers to remove all "debug" information on screen (available from main menu or options) 
  • Changed several icons on the starmap 
  • Made some improvements to the dialogue bubbles to avoid as much as possible overlap between dialogs and choices or dialogs and interface 
  • Added tooltips to the main ressources stock counters 
  • Added some colors to highlight, in tutorials or story events, important gameplay information (only to help understanding the main concepts) 

BugFix Major

  • FIGHT : Fix the infamous 5 Kamikaze drone pattern, it should not appear anymore in sector 1. 
  • FIGHT : Fix UI display for squadrons life that were inconsistent in their hover panel with their real life 
  • FIGHT : Fix non working 3rd and 4th weapon dock 
  • FIGHT : Fix an issue where it was impossible to target the enemy battleship with a weapon 
  • FIGHT : Fix a game freeze caused by successive dock/undock on a squadron 
  • FIGHT : Fix a targeting issue where the squadron was not targeting the selecting battleship room 
  • CUTSCENE : Fix heratic display of Idaho's knees and idle animation in introduction cutscene 
  • GRAPHICAL : Fix several lightning issues with planets and in the fight 
  • GRAPHICAL : Fix multiple visual issues on the chapter boss display 
  • SAVE : Fix an issue where it was impossible to continue the current run if the player quit after the first story fight
  • SAVE : Fix an issue where the planet was changing after a continue from save 
  • PERFORMANCE : Fix some asset and lighting issues that were being unnecessary stressful for the processor 

BugFix Minor

  • NARRATIVE : Fix an issue on some events where the narrator visual was not properly updated 
  • INTERFACE : Fix a display issue where the current hull bar was not visually expanding 
  • INTERFACE : Fix a display issue with quest in the system navigation interface 
  • INTERFACE : Fix the squadron's lifebar which was visually hiding 7% of the life points 
  • INTERFACE : Fix a display issue where the hover panel was not appearing on the star map interface 
  • INTERFACE : Fix a display issue where the narrator sprite was switching a bit too early before speaking
  • INTERFACE : Fix some tooltip heratic positioning 
  • GRAPHICAL : Fix several small render and lightnening discrepancies
  • GRAPHICAL : Fix a missing visual shop for The special "start of a new sector" 
  • BUGREPORT : Fix an issue when opening the bugreport in some state which freezed all animations 
  • NARRATIVE : Fix text overflow in central dialog window (now it resizes!) 
  • NARRATIVE : Fix an issue where it was possible to click "too fast" to skip dialogue and unwillingly selecting a choice 
  • NARRATIVE : Fix an event (pirate ship munity) where the player could use two different specialist officers in a row, but it display was broken.

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The Beta B9.2 is now available, fixing several issues of the B9.0 / B9.1 !

Please find below the changelog related to this patch.


BugFix Major

  • NARRATIVE: Some issues implying save file and forcing player to lose her/his progression.
  • NARRATIVE: Issues where completion of Story events was not properly done.

BugFix Minor

  • FIGHT: No more visual elements remain on the battlefield from one fight to another.
  • EXPEDITION: Some expeditions were showing wrong figures (number of commando deaths / presence of a major threat)

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