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Beta 7 changelog

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Greetings Space Adventurers!

🥁...Drum roll...🥁

We are thrilled to announce the release of the biggest update in the history of Crying Suns...

Here goes the Beta 7.0!

Selected parts:

  • a major update of the battle system and interface, for a better game flow!
  • you can now save your game!
  • the different factions you fight now have specific auxiliary systems, setups and units. Beware of the Scrapper with their kamikaze drones or the Akibara's with their invisible units!
  • The whole chapter 1 is now available!

Thanks to our Beta-testers and fans, we have been able to make the game evolve, and hope you will enjoy those changes. We are eager to collect your impressions about the new gameplay and features (all detailed below).

As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them.

The Crying Suns development team.



  • MAJOR : Save and Continue are now available, you can now quit your current run and continue it later
  • MAJOR : Focus points have been dropped for a better game flow
  • MAJOR : Complete redo of the fight interface !
  • MAJOR : change to the basic unit type
    • The frigate replaces the cruiser as a basic unit. The cruisers still exist but are not "basic units" anymore
  • MAJOR : changes in Hero usage
    • Each Hero can now support a different system of the battleship
      • They can support the structural shield system and repair the hull over time
      • They can support the squadron control system room and increase fire rate and speed of the squadrons
      • They can support the Weapons Bay system and decrease the loading times for weapons
    • Each Hero has a specific ability that applies to one system of the battleship in particular (improving weapons, or speeding up hull repair...)
  • MAJOR : Critical damages have been rethought
    • Critical damages are now applied to whole system, each system controling a specific part of the battleship (squadrons, weapons or hull)
    • A Hero supporting a system with a critical damage cannot continue to support their system. Instead he or she will do their best to repair the critical damages. This is now the only way to repair the critical damages
    • When a system of the ship suffers a critical damage, all heroes supporting it lose 1 life point
    • When a Hero has zero life points, they suffer an injury and are unusable for the fight (reminder: a Hero permanently dies if dealt two injuries)
  • The fight tutorial (and helpers) have been updated to match the various gameplay changes
  • New upgrade available to decrease the lock duration for squadron docks when they are wrecked
  • Smart path: the proposed squadron's path is now the safest path and avoid all avoidable risks
  • Faction setups: the different factions you fight have now specific auxiliary systems, setups and units. Beware of the Scrapper with their kamikaze drones or the Akibara's with their invisible units
  • Destroying a squadron will now trigger a short-circuit, locking the usage of the dock for a short time. No more attritions in fights, use this time to your advantage and attack the battleship !
  • Depleting a hull bar will now create a battleship explosion, causing all units to be repelled and deactivated, giving you time and space for a come back !
  • Various balancing changes (various prices and presence in shop, star map size, startup upgrades... etc)
  • You can now increase the fight speed (bottom right menu)

Story and events

  • MAJOR : The whole chapter 1 is now available !
  • MAJOR : 44 whole new events have been added to the game
  • QUESTS : added the "quest" feature, meaning you can encounter an event that will add a quest event (marked on the map) in the next sector. Only one story event using this for now but more are coming !
  • Lots of writing improvements to story and events (thanks to player feedback!)
  • Small improvements to the name generation for regular heroes, planets, stations and stars

Graphic and sounds

  • The game now has an icon !
  • The audio can be muted from main and ingame menu
  • New music for "story events"
  • New scene when you die where you can contemplate Idaho's death
  • New environment objects available on POI (satellites, crates and escape pods)
  • Small improvement to the Kosh-Buendia battleship (lights and material)
  • Small improvements to various event sounds (Guns, footsteps etc...) 
  • Fixed some issues where some sounds did not stop when exiting a cutscene or the game (back to menu)

BugFix Major

  • EXPLORATION : random bug where the "click" on a destination was no longer working
  • Various random bugs that were either "freezing the game" or making it impossible to leave the current scene

BugFix Minor

  • FIGHT : Stealth fighter were attacked by turrets 
  • EXPEDITION : Losing or winning commandos in an event on an expedition POI was not updating the POI requirements
  • DIALOGS: Some dialog bubbles were overlapping with choices making them hard to read
  • DIALOGS: During an ellipsis, the dialog bubbles were not cleaned, making it a bit weird when going back from ellipsis
  • NAVIGATION : The graph exit was always generated in a very small bottom right area
  • Kaliban tentacles were sometime preventing the click on the weapon docks
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