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Beta 6 changelog

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Greetings Space Adventurers!
Here goes Beta 6.0! 
We have been working A LOT... The sectors are bigger and more dangerous than ever, with new planets and more combat possibilities for you... and for your enemies.
The good news is you can now find auxiliary systems to upgrade your battleship. Want more armor? Want to perform more sneaky attacks? Want more squadron regeneration? Well now it’s all possible. 
But don't get cocky. Additional squadrons with specific abilities could also mess with your battle strategies.
Also, your battleship no longer has unlimited spaces for heroes: when all the spaces are full, you’ll have to make some tough choices and even part ways with them: "Goodbye and thank you for your service!" 
The team is also working on some additional elements that won’t be ready for this version. You’ll just have to wait until the next Beta to discover them. You’re going to discover many surprises in the upcoming weeks!
As usual, we really appreciate your feedbacks (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don’t hesitate to share them.
The Crying Suns development team

  • Battleship can only accept a limited number of Heroes
  • A new pop-up allows the player to choose an extra unit to employ
  • Auxiliary Systems: boost your Battleship’s capacities
    • Pirate Transponder: lure battleground turrets
    • Church Quarks Cooling systems: Battleship weapons fire more often
    • Kosh-Buendia Armor: Your hull is partially immune to enemy battleship weapons
    • Akibara-Sung Stealth Engines: Stealth squadrons deploy as invisible units and move faster
    • Scrapper Repair Drones: Your squadrons regenerate while docked
  • Specific squadron abilities:
    • Akibara-Sung Stealth Fighters: can turn invisible on the battlefield
    • Church Stasis Cruisers: will slow down engaged enemies
    • Kosh-Buendia Decoy Cruisers: will attract any enemy shots
    • Scrapper Kamikaze Drones: will damage nearby units upon death

Graphic and sounds

  • New visuals for Zapper Weapon
  • New visuals for Black Matter Canon
  • New visuals for the Meteorite Shower
  • New planets (ice, volcanic, desert, gaseous..)

BugFix Minor

  • Invisible units won't be detected by turrets, nor stop to fight passing enemies
  • Fixed some events
  • Various bug and visual glitches were fixed

If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post here, or join our Discord server.


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