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Caroline [Crying Suns team]

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Hey, I'm Caroline!

As you can see in the Team introduction topic, I'm working both on QA and communication for Crying Suns. 

If you have questions about this forum, our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steam forums), if you have cool ideas in terms of community events, you can contact me :classic_cool:

About me

You'll know it some day: I'm really fond of food and cooking. I'm always thinking about what I will eat, cook, test. Almost every minute of my life is dedicated to food or, particularly, pastries. Now, you know ^^

In terms of video games, I really like cooking games (Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 / Overcooked...) and a lot of other games like: Zelda BOTW, Stardew Valley, Picross, Broken Age, Animal Crossing... and many others.

Can't wait to know you ?

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