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Beta 5 changelog

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Rejoice! Here goes Beta 5.0

This new Beta brings more "small" improvements to the game, including various additional contents: battleship weapons, space stations, explosions, events...

In addition to the new events, some have been rewritten to be clearer, more fun, and provide a more balanced experience in the overall run.

The French language will not be included in forecoming Beta Versions... but will still be present in the final game.

Some choices in dialogs can now be selected only if you have sufficient resources... Sorry players, it is not possible anymore to give away some scrap if you don't own it on the first place! ?

Oh, and for those skilled enough to defeat the boss in Sector 2, you'll be glad to hear that you can now enter the Sector 3, filled with harder fights and situations!

Have fun with all of this!

In the meanwhile, we are working on several features to be delivered with the next Beta version:

  • saving,
  • faction-specific setups,
  • improvements of the fight gameplay.

... Stay tuned!

The Crying Suns development team.


  • Conditions on dialogs : some choices are conditionned to the resources you have (scrap / fuel / commando),
  • Expedition Rewards: you can now earn more than one weapon / hero / squadron during expeditions,
  • Drops have been revamped for a more balanced experience,
  • New Weapon: Flak Cannon - Very powerful... but somehow harder to aim,
  • New Weapon: X Beam - Target all enemies in a "X" shaped zone,
  • New events have been added ! Encounter tricky situations, and learn more about the Crying Suns' universe,
  • From now, the beta will only be playable in english (the released game will be playable in english and french).

Graphics and Sounds

BugFix Major

  • "Aborting" expedition no longer causes bugs.

BugFix Minor

  • Various bug and visual glitches were fixed

If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post here, or join our Discord server.


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