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Beta 4 changelog

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Rejoice ! Here goes the Beta 4.0

There is no big changes on this one because we focused on some under the hood improvements and cleaning to prepare for the next major modifications.

We are working hard to improve the experience and are preparing some major update for the fight that should answer to most of the community comments.

We also revamped the dialog conditional choices to allow more various choices.

Stay tuned !


  • Dark matter canon, blocking cells, along with a rework of the weapons to allow more diversity.
  • Display Expedition type in the system view and on expedition preparation window

Graphics and sound

  • Removed the lag between star map and system view, this is the first step to get nice transitions (in the near future)
  • Cinema mode during key story events
  • Heroes will be impacted by lights more naturally (not yet perfect though)

BugFix Major

  • Fixed bug preventing the player to select squadrons

BugFix Minor

  • Fixed various typo reported by the comunity
  • Fixed the behaviour of the dock item panel which was a bit erratic

If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post on the related topic on the "Discussion and feedbacks" section, or join our Discord server.


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