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What stands out...

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Sorry if these things have been covered in other threads, I've seen some touched upon but not in depth so much.

There are three things that stand out to me in the heavy negative.

1. The game seems too dependent on squadrons. The issue here is that it makes combat one dimensional. All the focus is on taking out the enemy by playing the "opposite piece" to take out each new threat or to hit them with nukes. The actual battleship to battleship combat is stale. You just trade hits to knock off hit points. If we could target weapons, engines, or use jamming on enemy missiles etc. it would promote new strategies to taking them out. 

Point defense weapon options or upgrades on the main battleship would be nice as well if you wanted to take a gamble on your ship being able to handle a few of the fighters while a few of your guys make it through to hit the enemy early.

Also....will there be more weapons that can damage ships? Rail Guns? I mean nukes should be able to damage a cap ship. The plasma variety for sure. Just have tactical ones for squadron dispersal and heavy hitters that take more points to launch against enemy ships but gives you an all or nothing last chance against the enemy if the tide turns against you squadron wise.

Maybe even add another type of fighter that is average against every ship and damage output. Gives more options instead of always reacting to whatever the enemy is putting out. For that matter once you figure out how the enemy attacks you can almost always win as long as you get some form of nuke early and get your squadrons to 3 minimum as fast as possible. Why don't they use their own defensive schemes?



I love the squadrons concept but the battleship to battleship combat is the weakest link to me in this game.


2.  What's the real point of navigation? You basically have to take the quickest route to your objective as the enemy appears on the screen and boxes you in fairly quickly. You're basically going to straight line it with maybe one side star. You don't have time to explore and you need to go to every beacon and planet you can just to pick up as much scrap as quickly as you can.

If I were going to leave navigation in I would probably have the authority appear a couple turns later so that you have missions you pick up along the way. Then you could get a high reward mission in a star sectors  a couple moves away and perhaps try to avoid heavy combat situations to get there. Or perhaps get full readouts on a system and know what each ship has. So that if you are heavy fighter wise you might avoid a ship that is heavy cruiser wise.

3. Commandos for sure need upgrades. Maybe each time they survive on a planet they gain a level making them a little harder to kill the next time. Or they gain specific mission specialties sort of like the heroes have that may make them more suitable to certain planets intelligence reports.  Which leads to heroes....same. Need to at least gain a better combat edge in ship to ship bonuses so that you can tailor the game to how you like it. Maybe one is a targeting whiz and gives you extra damage to laser burst or one is a point defense whiz or squadron bonus. Also maybe allow them to gain an addition skill for planets one time.

I don't really have a problem with the difficulty. It is really difficult at first but once you figure out the best tactic depending on how the enemy deploys it becomes routine. The cruisers are the only real headache in certain situations. Like if there are limited avenues to get to them and they hit you from 2 or 3 different points early. Can really hit you hard in the early game if your squads are limited.

Also like in another thread I read. Stations need more purchasable options. 

The pros to this game is that I think it has a lot of potential. The squadron fights could become epic with a bigger grid screen and are superior to anything FTL had. They can close on you fairly quick currently. Maybe have bigger grid screens as the game progresses and you get even more squadrons and perhaps even fellow Imperial escort ships. Perhaps even allow for choosing the area your battleship makes it's stand. Sorta like have an area with asteroids/nebulae/open space. Asteroids provide distraction and make smaller ships have to move around to hit you. Allowing you to place ships more strategically and mine placement. (Mines should last longer by the way and not be released next to your battleship, should be permanent or until blasted by enemy fire)

Nebulae distort enemy weapon systems along with your own. Play havoc with everything. And open space allows for squadron fun and players with heavy offensive capabilities. 

I love the planet exploration idea. Just needs events on the planets and tweak the commandos.

The story seems like it'll be great from what little info we have.

I do like how the nukes work. Very good for dispersal and a good defensive scheme if done right. 

All in all the game is enjoyable as is and I'd play it to it's conclusion today but I do see a lot of potential in it to be great. More potential than FTL had. Please though....just don't do some epic boss ship fight at the end that gets dragged out forever. If a ships engines are blown to pieces....the ship isn't flying to some new sector and magically having new engines appear.

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Hello there,

That's a very constructive piece of advice, thank you for all the thoughts and time you put into this post.

You nailed very nicely some of the problem we are attacking and gave us an interesting point of view.

1/ True, the fight is too straightforward right now "destroy squadron" -> "destroy Capital ship" is the only way to go. We have quite a few tricks we are playing with, hopefully this will change.

The weapons available right now are quite "old", it's a subset of what will be available. We are working on new kind of weapon, some blocking the way, some bouncing like a "chain lightning", while others will freeze units... It will bring a lot more options to the fight. We want the fight to be more phased too, like keeping some unit to be deployed only after the first life bar is empty.
Special units will be introduced soon, sneaky Akibara stealth units, heavy Kosh buendia point blank cruisers or Kamikaze scrapper drone. This will force you to adapt more or give you the edge if you manage to get your hands on them.
AI needs a lot of love too, it hasn't changed since the year 1902 I think. Defensive AI, aggressive AI, stupid Ai, cautious AI, pretty AI, AI with cheese...etc

Capital ship only combat is utterly uninteresting. This will not stay as is, at the very least the enemy will try to flee so that this dull moment of firing at each other will not happen. More complex options will be considered but Fleeing is pretty easy to implement and effective way to improve experience.

2/ I take your feedback on Navigation, the aim is to give you some liberty, but not too much. Maybe we are being a bit too restrictive. We may also add information given by the long range scanner but this is not planned right now.

3/ Heroes will progress, it is planned. Plus how heroes are used in fight is being discussed in the team, it may change in the near future. No plan for Commando though, I like the idea, but it is out of scope I think, commando will stay as expandable resource, which is also a flavour we want for our grim and cinical universe.

Squadron fight could become bigger, but we are aiming at a 2h-4h run to end a run (if you don't die!). This is going to become complicated if we expand the grid since it will increase the duration of every fight! Placing mine at start of fight sounds good though...

We added a glimpse of environment with meteors rain, and we plan on adding more later (nebulae you said?)

That was a great feedback thank you, like we say in french we now have more marbles for improving the game.
If you have any other feedback or questions, feel free to ask, here or on the discord server ?

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Thanks for the reply!

Maybe a solution to the navigation statement is to make information on "promising sectors" available for purchase at stations that are visited? Or maybe off random civilian ships.

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