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Beta v3 Thoughts

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Hello all,

I've just completed a run on the newest beta version (v3). First, I want to note how the difficulty curve felt WAY better. I was adequately equipped for the early stages of the game and while my mistakes were punished harshly, it wasn't frustrating. I experienced large setbacks but they didn't completely end my run at the next fight. When I eventually failed it definitely felt more like my cumulative mistakes had led me to lose as opposed to the "this is impossible" feeling I had from before. Great work responding to player feedback on this!

Second, the promise of a big payoff from expeditions and the risk/reward nature of it is extremely appealing but I'm still only able to get through one expedition with the starting 10 commandos. Unless the player experiences a miracle and 0 commandos die during the first expedition, it is still very difficult to take part in a second expedition without stumbling across more commandos at a shop. I also never saw commandos in the reward tables for regular fights; it seems like 2-4 commandos could be a decent reward and not too far off of the already existing hero rewards.

The turrets added a lot of strategic depth to my fights. They're "optional" obstacles in that you can maneuver around them so they aren't entirely frustrating. It was very rewarding to use them to bottleneck the AI as well. This is excellent design and I hope to see more interesting, interact-able obstacles  that add strategic depth during fights.

Overall my gameplay experience has been vastly improved by the balance changes. I still think some work could be done to move away from the "you get one expedition until you find a commando shop" model, even if it's just inching toward "you can sometimes get a second expedition without shopping if you earn a couple more commandos back via fights or events." It's definitely a feel-bad moment when you're consistently sitting on 7-9 commandos for many, many jumps; it feels like wasted resources and there's nothing you can do about it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the encouraging words !
Did you see that you could actually tell what kind of station there is with the long range scanner? It helps a lot in planning your course and finding those commandos you need. It also helps you the identify what kind of expedition you can expect on a particular system.  We will definitely add more way to earn commandos, during events or fights. Events are not completely balanced yet, I haven't constrained the writting team that much for now but this is goind to change (I need to keep control of the outcomes!). And for fight rewards, they are a bit raw right now, I need to take some more time to adjust everything.

Commando are scarce, I want the player to be craving for them and to choose wisely the expedition they make but I can't be too harsh or it will feel injust or unbalanced, I'm taking your opinion into account. We still need some though and feedbacks on the subject I think, so keep it coming. 

Thank you for playing our unfinished treasure, I can't wait to add the thing I have in my head and balance the whole game... why is everything so slow to develop !? ?

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