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Beta 3 changelog

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Good news, everyone! 

Here comes the Crying Suns’ Beta 3.0 and its changelog (compared to the Beta 2.0)

  • Lot of balancing / tweaking on the “propagation” feature,

  • Improved the expedition flow to make it quicker,

  • Added a hint in the expedition briefing about the “type” of the expedition and its main outcome,

  • Added the “long range scanner” upgrade,

  • New Weapon available “Chain reaction canon” (temp. name),

  • Added automatic turrets on the battlefied in some situation.

Graphics and sound

  • Complete rethink of the the game font to make it more readable in all resolution,

  • Improved the lighting of the officers in the command center,

  • Big improvement on the alert and propagation interface,

  • Added clear display of hull “life points”,

  • Added a new display for range and damages (for units or weapons),

  • Added a clear display to explain combat situation modifier before a fight,

  • New stations, beacons and civil ships assets

  • Added the Neo-N auto-factory,

  • Added a feedback to understand why you can’t repair a critical effect.

BugFix Major

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select a unit after some succession of actions.

BugFix Minor

  • Fixed a but where the cooldown was hard to read on low resolution,

  • Lot of translations fix,

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong ship was displayed during an event (again),

  • Fixed a bug where some squadrons were not centered in the cell,

  • Improved the scroll speed in the “selling” shop window,

  • Small improvement in the tutorial display,

  • Lot of small interface layout fixes.

If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post on the related topic on the "Discussion and feedbacks" section.


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