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Crying Suns team

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Welcome to Crying Suns' forum!

Do you want to know the persons who have been working on Crying Suns? Here is an exhaustive list, just below!

You can find some of them on the forum:

  • @IndyNarf is Vincent Noel, our game designer / developer,
  • @Demerzel is Julien Cotret, our producer / developer / cowriter,
  • @Enricobenco is Mathias Baglioni, our UX-UI designer / developer,
  • @chsxf is Christophe Sauveur, our lead developer,
  • @Skaz is Louis-Julien Berthe, our graphist and 2D animator,
  • @Caroline is (me) Caroline Imbert, the communication / QA person (more on this presentation topic),
  • @Riles9 is Ian Reiley, our writer.

We want to thank you for your involvement in this community, and hope that, together, we can create a great game and a strong, fun community!

We can't wait to learn more about you! 



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