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Opinions/Feedback on Events ???

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Hey Beta Testers,

Ian here, one of the writers of the game.

Thanks so much for your feedback regarding the story and writing to date. It's been extremely helpful for us.

I'm reaching out today because I was wondering if you have any additional thoughts regarding, specifically, the events in our game. We're in the process of writing a new batch and we wanted to get your opinions on that.

For example, I'm wondering which events you like and why? Conversely, which events do you dislike (hopefully none, but I thought I should ask anyway) and why?

Also, what, in your opinion, can we do to make the events better? What is working? What do you think isn't working?

Do you like events with less text or events with more text?

If you have any thoughts related to those questions, or any other event-related thoughts, please don't hesitate to share with us.

Thanks again for your help.

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Hi, as far as I'm concerned, I appreciate the existing events. They are well enough written to set the tone, the atmosphere of this crumbling universe.
My favourites are those that engage your morals as an admiral, that will displease your crew or not, because we don't know the consequences of these choices, I hope there are others than commandos who have fled .
I must admit that I had much less time to play on this version of beta, the resumption of work is quite busy, but on the whole I find this version quite correct. I just hope for a little more variety in the encounters, the equipment, but I'm sure this will happen .
Again sorry for the lack of feedback lately, I will send my comments if something seems absolutely necessary to me.


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Thanks for your thoughts @Sevriss! Always much appreciated.  I'm happy that you feel the events are setting the tone and helping to create the ambiance of our universe. 

Yes, events in which Idaho is potentially morally compromised are among our favorites as well!  It should be no picnic to lead a battleship in a decaying, uber-violent, post-apocalyptic universe. Sometimes sacrifices are needed to advance in our dark sectors. ? 

Just to let you know, the team is working hard on adding other possible negative consequences beyond losing commandos and will be adding those to future versions of the Beta -- as well as more content and diversity among the events. So please stay tuned! 

And no need to apologize. You've already provided a bunch of meaningful feedback. 

Thanks again for sharing and for playing. 







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