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Crying Suns' beta available on Itch.io

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Hello folks!

It's now been a month since the Crying Suns’ closed beta started, and thanks to your feedbacks (many thanks, you’re great!), the game has evolved well compared to the demo available on our Kickstarter page! 
Today, we are moving on to the next phase, by allowing people who could not contribute to the Kickstarter at the "Beta access package" tier to access the beta

Crying Suns’ beta is exclusively available on the itch.io website. For the same price as the “Beta access package” tier (30 € / 35 $), the players will have the possibility to download the different versions of the Beta, and to share their feedbacks with us by accessing the dedicated surveys. Of course, they will also have access to a digital copy of Crying Suns as soon as it is released (but not the digital OST or their name in the Credits, as Kickstarter backers).

We hope the community in this forum will continue to grow and that you’ll continue to share with us your feedbacks and comments until the release of the game (and even after)!

Thanks again for your involvement here, you really help us to create a better game ?

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