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(Minor Suggestion) Emotive Idaho

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This is a game that obsesses over the building it's atmosphere, and I love it for that. One idea I had that could help with that is if Admiral Idaho gesticulated and emoted appropriately in accordance to the situation.

Currently, Idaho maintains a stoic pose of simply folding his hands behind his back at all times, and breathing slowly. It's a fine pose, but it would be nice if he would do things like pacing back and forth, or stroking his chin when confronted with a decision. Waving his arms when explaining something. Even something subtle like his hand's grip tensing up when something bad happens, or turning to look at who or whatever he is talking to would add a lot to the atmosphere I feel, and help the player better fit into the Admiral's shoes. It would also be nice to see this for the Heroes and Kaliban.

I don't know if this is a lot to ask for. Whether this is a simple thing to implement or not hinges on how the bridge "scene" works I'm guessing. Would this require an overhaul of how the bridge scene/view/whatever works? Or would it be a relatively simple matter of creating new animations and sticking them into the game? Either way, it would probably require sifting through all the encounters in the game to script Idaho on when and how to gesture, unless you set the game up so that it automatically does it. For example, when confronted with a decision the game could chose randomly from a list of "decision animations" to assign to Idaho. But of course, that runs the risk of inappropriate animations being chosen automatically.

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We definitly have in our roadmap some animations for the characters in the command center that will be played during the events, to add some emphasis to the dialogues. As a matter of fact we already produced a few but haven't integrated them yet.

We haven't produced some animation to express Idaho's tension yet but it's definitly something we would like to add before the end ?

It's something that will be used in the cutscenes too. For example the intro cutscene is, for now, quite static when they start talking but there will be some animation during the dialogues, they already are all designed, they just wait for us to be included


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