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(Overpowered encounter) MK III tesla mine for 15 scrap

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(Overpowered encounter) MK III tesla mine for 15 scrap

As I entered the second system of the second sector/cluster, the very first encounter was a message from my ship's R&D team stating that they created a weapon from scrap. I had the option to either accept the weapon, or turn it back into scrap. I didn't want to demoralize the crew by destroying their hard work, and some scrap probably would be wasted in taking it apart. Also, I figured that the weapon would be worth more than whatever scrap they had used to make it, so I took the weapon.

Boy, was I right! For a mere 15 scrap, I got a tesla mine MK III! Even if it was the worst weapon in the game, it would always be worth more than 15 scrap, and so it would always be worth the trade because you can then sell the weapon for a HUGE markup. Maybe I was just blessed by the RNG gods, and got the best possible outcome this encounter, but this may be in need of nerfing.

Also, if possible, I would like to see both the scrap used, and the weapon's stats, or at least the weapon's name before deciding to keep it.

Also, also, Idaho should really chastise his crew for using resources without permission, regardless of whether he accepts the weapon, at least a little bit...

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Seems like a no brainer indeed !

I confirm that you were a bit lucky here but you're right, it feels a bit unbalanced, we'll fix the cost, it's not supposed to be that cheap.

We are planning some improvements to the event system for the player to get a more accurate feedback for the "cost" of some choice (when it makes sense for it to be predictible) .

as for the outcome (the weapon) it's supposed to be a "suprise" but you're right there should be a hint in the dialogue  to explain why they can't really be sure how it works

Thanks for the constructive feedback! We'll improve this event on the next updates thanks to you ?

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