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(Minor Suggestion, ENCOUNTER SPOILER) Sun Cult refueling reaction

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I encountered a sun worshiping cult who were preparing to "reunify". I left them be, but then used their star to refuel. They were pretty insistent that I leave them and their sun be, so it's a little odd that they don't react to me refueling from it. I guess it depends on what the refueling process entails. Are we scooping neo-N fuel from the star, or near the star's orbit? Or is it a simple matter of opening some solar panel like devices towards the sun and waiting a bit?

Anyway, it doesn't bother me at all--I know I wouldn't bother implementing a feature that would only be used for one encounter--but this is just the type of thing that whiners on the internet love to complain about.

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For now the "refuel" process is a bit abstract but we are working on a more "integrated" version of the refuel that will make sense within the crying sun universe 

Anyway you're right we should address that aspect in the event or in the gameplay

Thanks for this feedback! Don't hesitate to do as much feedbacks as possible regarding events, they are very useful for us 



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