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How to report a bug?

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Dear space adventurer,

As a beta-tester, you will probably encounter some bugs during your Crying Suns' games.

⚠️ Use the ingame "bug report" button as a priority ⚠️

If you can't use it, we ask you to mention some elements in your bug report message on the forum:

  • Please first use the "search" feature to see if your bug has already been reported. If yes, you can reply to the existing topic. If not, you can create a new topic (one per bug).
  • If it is possible, please include a screenshot in your bug report.
  • Specify if you play on Windows or Mac, your OS version, your RAM and your Graphics card model.
  • If possible, describe what you were doing in the game just before the bug occured.
  • If possible Attach a screenshot of the game illustrating the state of your game during the problem
  • Attach your log file to your message.


How to find your log files?

OS Log files
macOS ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
Windows C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Alt Shift\Crying Suns\output_log.txt


Thanks a lot!


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