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Beta 2 changelog

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Good news, everyone! 

Here comes the new version of the Crying Suns’ Beta 2.0 and its changelog (compared to the Beta 1.0)

  • Complete rethink of the game fight difficulty progression thanks to the community feedbacks. The raise in difficulty should be smoother than in the Beta 1.0 !

  • Added a new battleground event: “Meteor” Shower (temporary name)

  • Added 3 new hero abilities : Proximity defense, Proximity Unit repair, XO (Executive officer)

  • Changed the fleeing (breaking out of a skirmish) behavior of squadrons => Cannot be stopped while fleeing just after breaking out

  • Removed upgrades that were supposed to raise the cap on fuel and commando, for now there is no such limit

  • When “undeploying” (squadron returning to the battleship) they should now try to take a safer path (= not going through asteroid fields)

  • The expedition shuttle upgrade is now working properly, only taking more commandos if possible without changing the default requirement.

  • The refuel upgrade is now a bit more effective and the additional fuel won is displayed separatly from the initial outcome

Graphics and sound

  • Added generic male heroes

  • Added contextual sounds during some random events

  • Adapted the squadron hover panel display to be able to see the “level” (Mk 1, 2 etc…) of the unit

BugFix Major

  • Fixed a bug where the game froze during an expedition

  • Fixed a bug where you could move squadron to itself to gain infinite action points

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to shoot twice for the price of one shot

  • Fixed a bug where the expedition requirements where not updated if you gained/lost some in an event in the same location

  • Fixed a bug where the ennemy battleship wasn’t visible

BugFix Minor

  • Fixed a bug where the pattern display of a weapon in its hover panel was wrong

  • Fixed a bug in an event with 2 consecutive Kosh-Buendia fight, the second one had the wrong display

  • Fixed some bugs where the wrong ennemy battleships were displayed

  • Fixed a bug where the the cruiser patter display was not disappearing after selecting a destination

  • Fixed a bug where the name of a hero displayed in a reward panel was different from the real one

If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post on the related topic on the "Discussion and feedbacks" section.



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