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(?) Expedition shuttle size

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Hello, Each time I bought an Expedition shuttle size, the mission requires more commandos.

1st Mission :

10 Commandos / 10 remaining

I bought 1 expedition shuttle size:

11 commandos / 10 remaining

I bought another one:

12 commandos / 10 remaining

It is normal or maybe I did not understand something ?


Commando A.jpg

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Hey there !

The expedition upgrade is being reworked, what you experience is not a bug, just a bad example of what a game designer should not do.

Anyway, the upgrade actually increase the number of commando, increasing your chance to succeed in an expedition. The problem is that it increase the number of commandos you have to embark which is a little tricky.

In the future you will be able to embark with the number of commando you have. Meaning you could potentially try an expedition with less than the max you can embark. Just don't try to embark with zero, it's going to be painfull.

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