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Question regarding dev team nationality

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So, Crying Suns is being made by a team in France, right? There were questions in the beta survey about the user's fluency in English, and about the comprehensibility of the English text in the game. It makes me wonder if the team is worried about their grasp of the English language. For what it's worth, I've liked everything I've read in the game so far; there are maybe one or two things that were just a little bit weird, but I'm ok with it because I had chalked it up as space age dystopia weirdness, not French to English weirdness.

So how many people on the dev team speak English? Is it just the community/PR/Marketing managers and translators? I know it's pretty common for people in at least some countries to have English as a second language.

For the people in your team who don't speak English at all, how do they read bug reports and the posts on this forum (which I imagine are mostly English)? Do you have your translator keep them appraised?

Anything else interesting about this that you'd like to mention?

Like I said, I think the writing is great so far, I'm mainly asking out of curiosity, which is why I've posted it here in the off topic section of the forum.

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Hello Pancakemix,

That's a good question!

We are working on the story with @riles9 who is an American living in France. We both (He and I) work on the narrative design of the game but he is the one doing the heavy lifting on the actual "writing" part. 100% of the game is written in english by @riles9, not in french, and we work together only in english. 

The question about the English level/comprehensibility is here to evaluate if the language level is still easily readable (not too complex/rich) for non native english speaker, as a lot of players will play the english version of the game without being 100% fluent.

All the team members (except @riles9) have french as their first language and have at least a "technical level" in english, it's something that is mandatory in the game industry for non native english speaker (and it's necessary to handle bug report to answer your question). Most of the team has a fairly good level english and some are fluent, or at least they believe they are ^^"


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5 hours ago, Demerzel said:

 the heaving lifting

There goes your English level.


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