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GM Jake

In Game Fonts

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The fixed width poorly pixelated font is very difficult to easily read.  Switching to a variable width font such as these fonts from Google Fonts would be a big improvement. If you really need fixed width fonts, then these choices from Google fonts would be a big improvement in readability. Most fonts from here are free to use for almost any application.

Also your Vertically written text such as 'WEAPONS' and 'SQUADRONS' took several attempts for my wife to read. Instead, if the text were normally written in left to right horizontal format above the item, it would be significantly easier to read.

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Hi GM Jake, 

Thank for your feedback and suggestions.

Indeed UI font seems to bring readability issues in some screen resolution. It's also true for vertical word on every screen ?. We are addressing the problem and working on a new UI font. I hope we will have time to integrate it soon. 

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