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Riles9 [Crying Suns Team]

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Hi everyone! 

Ian here, I'm one of the writers of the game. Between Demerzel (Julien Cotret) and myself, we should be able to field any writing or story-related questions that you may have.  So don't hesitate to ask! 
Just to tell you a bit about myself, I am American -- like a good number of you on the forum, I think. As such, I'm the only non-French member of the Crying Suns' team. I've been lucky enough to find a spot on a talented (and extremely nice!) team here in Montpellier. 
What else? In addition to video games, I love film, television and books, of all genres really. I just finished the first season of "Succession." That was good. I recommend it if you like funny, messed-up stories about extremely rich and dysfunctional families. I mean, who doesn't, right? 
I'm looking forward to hanging out here and interacting with you guys and gals! Thanks so much for your participation and feedback. Our goal is to make a game that you really like playing, and it'd be impossible to do that without your input.      

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