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Hello I'm Specta

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Hello, I am Specta from France.

I'm near 35 years old, I kickstarted the game because I am a huge fan of Faster Than Light and Sci-Fy.

I'm playing since the 90'.

I learned micromechanics, microtechnics, industrial design and IT support at school.

But I am passionate about making machinimas (uploaded on my little  youtube channel since 2007), physical sciences and a lot of things.

A work which I wanted to do was to create trailers for the small independents games which do not have too many financial means but I (almost) never tried because I am not sure to have the requirement to make great and pro trailer (My videos are ... "craft/artisanals/home-made" Not sure how to say that in english).

I wish you a good day.

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