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Forum Bug

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From what I can see, the forum has been developed with "Invision Community" and it might be interesting to report the following issue.

Anyone can view hidden/inaccessible topics.


This thread http://community.cryingsuns.com/topic/3-comment-poster-un-bug/?do=findComment&comment=3 is the French equivalent of Bug Report.

However, it is private, because if you click on it with non-admin permissions, you can't access it. No problem so far, a hidden thread cannot be accessed.

Wait, but I am not admin, how did I find out about this thread?! Well, you can see it by going on the message's author's profile; in this case in @Caroline's profile.

Therefore, I think it was urgent to report this issue to avoid accidental leaks.


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Hello @PackSciences!

Oh, thanks a lot for the report! I think I've fixed the problem. 

Actually, as you said, there aren't crucial information in these threads, but I've updated all the permissions of these threads.

Thanks again :classic_wink:

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