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Skaz [Crying Suns team]

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Hey there!

I'm Skaz, I'm one of the two artists who worked one Crying Suns under Frédéric Lopez direction. I'm responsible for all the spaceships and battleships you will have the joy to blow up. For the combat FX too. I made the animations of Kaliban, the tentacle wielding Omni, based on FogRyu's design. If the small icons sucks, that's also on me. Right now I'm having delusion of grandeur as a film maker, working on the game cut-scenes. I just hope I won't make a David Lynch's Dune out of it!

I love Dwarves too.

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You and your colleagues surely did a great job on the game visuals! The imagery immediately creates a deep feeling of grim, but epic space opera, the world of space empire, once great, but now corrupt - the world of Dune and Simon Green's Deathstalker, just as we all like =).  Great designs to accompany a good story.      

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