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Found 4 results

  1. Specta

    (?) Expedition shuttle size

    Hello, Each time I bought an Expedition shuttle size, the mission requires more commandos. 1st Mission : 10 Commandos / 10 remaining I bought 1 expedition shuttle size: 11 commandos / 10 remaining I bought another one: 12 commandos / 10 remaining It is normal or maybe I did not understand something ?
  2. Specta

    No Fuel on star

    At the begining of the game, I'm missing fuel, there is no fuel on a star Is this a game design ? Windows 10 64b Updated GTX 980 Ti lastest driver I7 7700K MSI Z270 Gaming M3 16 Gb
  3. Tim

    Star map display bug

    Hi there, When I start a game with the introduction cut scene and get to the point of using the Star Map it get's all bunched in the left bottom of the screen. This happens in both Windowed and Full Screen Mode. (I play on 1600 x 900) So if after the introduction I go straight to start game, pick my ship and 2 Hero's this is what the Star Map looks like. (See attached) When I re open, after completely closing it, and start the game without going through the cut scene the Star Map is normal/ full screen. T output_log.txt
  4. Sevriss

    Battle controls bug

    Hi, I will try to be as clear as possible, English is not my native language. First: I am on PC, win 10, 16G DDR4 gskill, MSI geforce GTX 1070 X. The bug itself: It happens in battle, the selection of squadrons or weapons is not done. So we can't order shooting, movement, or attacks. This is sometimes resolved by deselecting the squadron or weapon and then re-selecting them. This does not always work, and results in a consequent loss of time in battle and often to be exploded by the enemy. I specify that this happens without critical damage on the ship, and with a sufficient number of action points, there is nothing a priori that should prevent selecting the weapons or squadrons. Good luck to the devs with that, this beta looks very nice anyway. output_log.rar