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  1. Skaz

    Question regarding dev team nationality

    There goes your English level.
  2. Hey there! I'm Skaz, I'm one of the two artists who worked one Crying Suns under Frédéric Lopez direction. I'm responsible for all the spaceships and battleships you will have the joy to blow up. For the combat FX too. I made the animations of Kaliban, the tentacle wielding Omni, based on FogRyu's design. If the small icons sucks, that's also on me. Right now I'm having delusion of grandeur as a film maker, working on the game cut-scenes. I just hope I won't make a David Lynch's Dune out of it! I love Dwarves too.
  3. Skaz

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    The game is still pretty young and the main objective of the beta is to balance it, so thanks to all of you for posting your experiences! As a tester of the demo and beta, I have found efficient (but maybe not optimal) ways to defeat your enemies. I will only say this: purchase a second squadron dock asap. And a third. 2 focus point for each dock, and as soon as you can deploy 3 squadrons, things get really doable.
  4. Skaz

    Story and lore question

    What he's trying to say is: Amazon will bury us all.
  5. Skaz

    chsxf [Crying Suns team]

    Hey! Welcome to the forums!