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  1. Great feedback ? 1/ On the Upgrade scanner. I get it that you find it expensive, yet it is one of the upgrade you have to take at least level1 in order to optimise your run. The balance is very rough right now because we are still questionning some part of the gameplay, more serious balancing will be done very soon. You are right that battleships should have different upgrade level at start and different max, for example the scanner lvl1 will be available to the 1st battleship so that the player will learn how significant it is to be able to choose the right selling station type or expedition reward. I take your feedback on how important it is to have balanced upgrade pricing and will consider lowering the price of the scanner. 2/ Weapons are being rethough, we are leaning toward slow cooldown/high impact weapons or more versatile/debuff. The end of game with weapons only is a problem we have since the begining, we plan on implementing a "enemy is fleeing" feature to avoid these uninteresting and bothersome moment. We feel that fleeing is a more natural way of dealing with it but we would appreciate your opinion on it. I have the feeling that automatic victoryis weaker than an enemi trying to flee, tension wise. 3/ On heroes selection. Right now you can reroll all you want. The original and still planned solution was to only reroll the starting roster if you ended the first sector. As long as you don't beat the first sector, the roster will not change, what do you think about this approach? This solution is mainly for breaking the routine and avoid infinite reroll. The point system could be used in addition but if you can't reroll, the RNG will only offset slightly your chance to win with one, two or zero named hero and I like the idea. Overall we must avoid bothersome manipulations to become the best move to improve your victory chances. 4/ Thank you a lot, we hope we will have enough time to make it even better. We have so many problems to adress and we want to make everything perfect. We are already proud of the promise the game holds, let's keep working to make it As an additional note, we have an experimental version with lot of change in fight that we are trying to finalize here inhouse and hero works differently, we will try to send the experimental version to some player in order to have feedback on it ?
  2. IndyNarf

    What stands out...

    Hello there, That's a very constructive piece of advice, thank you for all the thoughts and time you put into this post. You nailed very nicely some of the problem we are attacking and gave us an interesting point of view. 1/ True, the fight is too straightforward right now "destroy squadron" -> "destroy Capital ship" is the only way to go. We have quite a few tricks we are playing with, hopefully this will change. The weapons available right now are quite "old", it's a subset of what will be available. We are working on new kind of weapon, some blocking the way, some bouncing like a "chain lightning", while others will freeze units... It will bring a lot more options to the fight. We want the fight to be more phased too, like keeping some unit to be deployed only after the first life bar is empty. Special units will be introduced soon, sneaky Akibara stealth units, heavy Kosh buendia point blank cruisers or Kamikaze scrapper drone. This will force you to adapt more or give you the edge if you manage to get your hands on them. AI needs a lot of love too, it hasn't changed since the year 1902 I think. Defensive AI, aggressive AI, stupid Ai, cautious AI, pretty AI, AI with cheese...etc Capital ship only combat is utterly uninteresting. This will not stay as is, at the very least the enemy will try to flee so that this dull moment of firing at each other will not happen. More complex options will be considered but Fleeing is pretty easy to implement and effective way to improve experience. 2/ I take your feedback on Navigation, the aim is to give you some liberty, but not too much. Maybe we are being a bit too restrictive. We may also add information given by the long range scanner but this is not planned right now. 3/ Heroes will progress, it is planned. Plus how heroes are used in fight is being discussed in the team, it may change in the near future. No plan for Commando though, I like the idea, but it is out of scope I think, commando will stay as expandable resource, which is also a flavour we want for our grim and cinical universe. Squadron fight could become bigger, but we are aiming at a 2h-4h run to end a run (if you don't die!). This is going to become complicated if we expand the grid since it will increase the duration of every fight! Placing mine at start of fight sounds good though... We added a glimpse of environment with meteors rain, and we plan on adding more later (nebulae you said?) That was a great feedback thank you, like we say in french we now have more marbles for improving the game. If you have any other feedback or questions, feel free to ask, here or on the discord server ?
  3. IndyNarf

    Beta v3 Thoughts

    Oh, Thank you for the encouraging words ! Did you see that you could actually tell what kind of station there is with the long range scanner? It helps a lot in planning your course and finding those commandos you need. It also helps you the identify what kind of expedition you can expect on a particular system. We will definitely add more way to earn commandos, during events or fights. Events are not completely balanced yet, I haven't constrained the writting team that much for now but this is goind to change (I need to keep control of the outcomes!). And for fight rewards, they are a bit raw right now, I need to take some more time to adjust everything. Commando are scarce, I want the player to be craving for them and to choose wisely the expedition they make but I can't be too harsh or it will feel injust or unbalanced, I'm taking your opinion into account. We still need some though and feedbacks on the subject I think, so keep it coming. Thank you for playing our unfinished treasure, I can't wait to add the thing I have in my head and balance the whole game... why is everything so slow to develop !? ?
  4. IndyNarf

    Time Constraints

    Very good idea! Wait... but we DID implement a time constraint mechanism... And it seems like it was a total failure since very few people understood/noticed it. Joke aside, we had the rework of this part in our pipes for a long time now, and we already made a big part of it this week. It's way clearer now. You will be able to get your hands on it in the next beta release in a week or so. We did lot of understanding/readability work, we hope you will like it ?
  5. IndyNarf

    (?) Expedition shuttle size

    Hey there ! The expedition upgrade is being reworked, what you experience is not a bug, just a bad example of what a game designer should not do. Anyway, the upgrade actually increase the number of commando, increasing your chance to succeed in an expedition. The problem is that it increase the number of commandos you have to embark which is a little tricky. In the future you will be able to embark with the number of commando you have. Meaning you could potentially try an expedition with less than the max you can embark. Just don't try to embark with zero, it's going to be painfull.
  6. IndyNarf

    Repair Hull skill

    We did think about using hero timed abilities outside of fight, but timed actions don't play very well with area where there is no time limit. The idea is not dead yet, but quite cold for the moment. I guess that your point is to allow the player to repair things anywhere for an extra cost which is a pretty nice idea. I will keep that in mind, maybe with an auxiliary module ? By the way, we are currently adding a bunch of fight abilities for the next update ?
  7. IndyNarf

    Commandos and Commando Upgrade

    It's completely normal. It is because @Enricobenco coded this part. ? Joke aside, it is because at the moment the "choose your battleship" screen is a fake we put together for the demo and values are hard coded (= not linked to actual used values) It won't stay as is by the way, thank you for the feedback, we will probably fix it quickly.
  8. IndyNarf

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Maybe we should try some wining "close-up" of the exploding enemy battleship. We plan to show the fight report only when you are back to the command center, so we will keep that in mind when we will be refining the experience ?
  9. IndyNarf

    Repair Hull skill

    I am afraid this won't be possible, the irreparability of an already broken hull bar is a crucial feature in the balancing of the game. As it is, the repair hull skills helps you delay the moment you will lose a hull bar, buying you more time to kill the enemy before it happens which should be plenty reason to use it.
  10. IndyNarf

    Commandos and Commando Upgrade

    Hello Mateo, Yes this is a known problem, in the next update there will not be any minimum commando for expedition, only a "recommended commando count" and the maximum of commando you can embark will be decided by your upgrade like it is now.
  11. IndyNarf

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Good morning Sevriss, great initiative ! We are looking to improve the game flow, and those are exactly the little annoying things we aime to remove, keep them coming ! Some precisions Agreed, it was in a part of my mind for a while but never had the time to fix this, I'm increasing the priority. This will be part of the overhaul of the "refuel upgrade", it will be up to you to improve it to avoid zero fuel rolls. Will it solve the problem for you? Yes, this will be taken care of in the next version
  12. IndyNarf

    Upgrade-able heroes?

    Hello there, there is a plan for this yes, not sure at which point we will work on the feature but hero evolution is definitely a feature we want to add. We are still in the process of deciding exactly how to do it, but we have pretty solid ideas in our pockets ?
  13. IndyNarf

    First impressions

    Hey, good morning. Some of you already gave answers and that's great. Thank you a lot. I will add some clarification on the current status and expectations of the features, I hope that will answer most of your questions ^^. If you still have something to ask, feel free to do so ! (maybe I should od some kind of FAQ from this) Bugs: Yes, the star map bug where it's all shrinked in the bottom left corner is known and has a fix that will hopefully be available next week, along with other urgent bug fixes. Upgrades: Fuel efficiency: The fuel efficiency actually increase Odds of higher fuel on stars, but since there is zero visual feedback of it's action it's very hard to feel that it is working. We are thinking to rework both the upgrade and the interface to display clearly when the upgrade was useful by writing it with a nice color upon refueling along with the bonus fuel amount you got. Expedition shuttle size: Another one of the upgrade thrown a bit fast into the kickstarter demo without enough thought put into it ? (as an excuse, time was short!). Nonetheless, the issue is known and we are looking for a way to fix this. Probably remove all expedition minimum commando limit with a big bright warning if you try the expedition with lesser than 10 commando (you fool). Expedition Is it worth? Simple answer: totally. Replenishing your commando should be your number one mid-term objective. The balancing is still being worked on, we are thinking of giving a more probabilistic information when selecting a hero so you won't be surprised if he dies.One kind of shop do sell them, you have to look for stations to increase your odds. In the near future we will add an upgrade for "seeing" system content in advance for you to see the content of shops, it will help you a lot to choose your path amont the stars. In fact it's an important part of the game design we voluntarily omitted in order to have the demo ready for the kickstarter without dying of too much work (We still need lot of energy to make this game awesome with you!). For the expedition, there is actually 3 kinds of rewards and we plan to add more. In the near future you will be able to see the kind of reward to expect, so you will be abnle to concentrate risky mission on what you really need it. Fight: Hull bar (health) represents structural part of your ship. When one is depleted, it's the whole part of the ship that is utterly destroyed. At the end of the fight your mechanics on board are only able to repair a fair amount of the damages but the structural damages need to be repaired at a mechanic shop. Unfortunately, all stations do not have this kind of equipment so you have to look for it. Path finding: We talk about it there Balancing: an answer I made on another thread
  14. IndyNarf

    Squadron Control

    Hello there, and thank you for your feedback ! I experienced the same issue with squadron movements and there is two points were we are looking for improvement. The first point is "fleeing" an engagement, when giving an order to a squadron to move while being engaged by the enemy, the squadron actually go through a "fleeing" state where they are slowed down and cannot attack, trying their best to disengage themselves from the enemy. This fleeing state only last until they attain a new cell. If I understand correctly the problem occurs when on this new cell, the squadron is still near an enemy able to engage it. In the future, those engagement where you were fleeing will not stop you anymore. The squadron will stay in "fleeing state", being slowed down and fired upon, but will keep moving until they are out of danger or at their destination. Of course, once not fleeing anymore they will be stopped again if engaged by an enemy (unless they have some special ability to avoid so ? ). So you will be able to get around an enemy unit without stoping at every intermediate cell which is totally irritating, I agree. The second point is multi-point movements where you can give order for intermediate cells for a single movement. It allows for a finer definition of the squadron movement. Truth be told, this feature was in the first prototype we did back then (the prototype was scrapped and re-coded when proof of concept was accepted). We are still pondering wether we should add this feature or not, I wanted some player feedback on the subject so we kept it out of the way for the moment. The lack of multi-point movement force the player to put more thought on where to go, but is kind of a hassle sometimes. Will you bear with it for the moment ? The feedback on thoses subjects are a good example of why a beta is important. Your opinion is not only welcome but essential for us, thank you ?
  15. IndyNarf

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Hello there, I'm the gamedesign man from the staff! First of all, you're not bad, the game is hard. That's how we balanced it (because all game designers are sadistic people deep inside), but don't worry because we are carefully looking at the community feedback to adjust it to your liking ?. The goal is to balance the difficulty from the beta players experience and then derivate some difficulty mode from it, so keep the feedback coming! At the moment we are aware that, although feasible, the game lack some graduation in it's difficulty curve, you have to understand most of its tips to be able to handle all the situations. Have faith in your skills ! The fact that you have hard encounter at the very beginning is surprising a lot of player and we are currently working on solutions to smooth the experience. We have so many work to do! Thank you for the feedback and the heart warming compliment. We are eager to hear feedback like yours, keep it coming so we can make a game to be remembered!