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  1. Riles9

    Opinions/Feedback on Events ???

    Thanks for your thoughts @Sevriss! Always much appreciated. I'm happy that you feel the events are setting the tone and helping to create the ambiance of our universe. Yes, events in which Idaho is potentially morally compromised are among our favorites as well! It should be no picnic to lead a battleship in a decaying, uber-violent, post-apocalyptic universe. Sometimes sacrifices are needed to advance in our dark sectors. ? Just to let you know, the team is working hard on adding other possible negative consequences beyond losing commandos and will be adding those to future versions of the Beta -- as well as more content and diversity among the events. So please stay tuned! And no need to apologize. You've already provided a bunch of meaningful feedback. Thanks again for sharing and for playing.
  2. Hey Beta Testers, Ian here, one of the writers of the game. Thanks so much for your feedback regarding the story and writing to date. It's been extremely helpful for us. I'm reaching out today because I was wondering if you have any additional thoughts regarding, specifically, the events in our game. We're in the process of writing a new batch and we wanted to get your opinions on that. For example, I'm wondering which events you like and why? Conversely, which events do you dislike (hopefully none, but I thought I should ask anyway) and why? Also, what, in your opinion, can we do to make the events better? What is working? What do you think isn't working? Do you like events with less text or events with more text? If you have any thoughts related to those questions, or any other event-related thoughts, please don't hesitate to share with us. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Riles9

    Story and lore question

    Delighted you want to find out more about Emperor Oberon, @Sevriss. We think he's a pretty interesting dude! Unfortunately... that information is classified. To find out everything there is to know about him, where he comes from, how he came to power, everything... you'll just have to play the game and advance in the story -- not an easy task! But I will leave you with a couple tidbits so as to not appear heartless. (1) Oberon alone invented the RUBYCON -- the system for controlling OMNI behavior -- at the DAWN of the Empire. A HUGELY important piece of technology that controlled the behavior of not only his OMNIs, but the OMNIs of other houses as well. (2) If Oberon is still alive when our story begins -- and that's a big if given how violent and chaotic and messed-up the clusters are now -- he'd be at least as old as the Empire itself, putting him at the ripe old age of 700 years!
  4. Thanks so much for your comments on this event, and I'm happy that you're enjoying it. It is a very dark event and puts the player in a situation where they have to make a difficult choice. That is one of our goals for the events, putting the player in uncomfortable situations where they must make difficult, moral decisions. That said, we're not sadists, we swear! @Pancakemix --- Good point about how a plan to make the entire colony sterile might not be a perfect solution as it will prevent the colony from ever having children again -- something they will need to do if they wish to survive into the future. Seems we will have to give this event some more thought. I think you might be onto something too when you suggest a possible alternate course of action for the crew. We will certainly think about that moving forward. Though, there are questions of game-play balancing that we have to consider as well -- as only a certain percentage of events will have specialist or risky choice options. Also, I like your idea that the leader might alter the amount of her scrap reward. Not just for this event but for possibly others. I believe we have some of that in there now in certain events -- bargaining and counterproposal making -- but it would be great to further explore it in the future. It lends more complexity and realism to the events, I think, which a good thing. @GM Jake --- I'm happy you like that the crew reacts to the player's decisions in this event. That's sort of a newer idea we're working on as well -- crew reaction. We're not entirely sure how it will or should manifest itself, beyond a possible loss of resources, nor how often. But we're playing around with it! Regarding specialist options, we do have events for hacking and combat. All I can say is...keep playing! @HazyOblivion --- Happy that you like this event! Hope you're enjoying the others too!
  5. Riles9

    Story and lore question

    And we're looking forward to sharing that house lore with you!
  6. Riles9

    Riles9 [Crying Suns Team]

    I love that frakking show. ?
  7. Hi everyone! Ian here, I'm one of the writers of the game. Between Demerzel (Julien Cotret) and myself, we should be able to field any writing or story-related questions that you may have. So don't hesitate to ask! Just to tell you a bit about myself, I am American -- like a good number of you on the forum, I think. As such, I'm the only non-French member of the Crying Suns' team. I've been lucky enough to find a spot on a talented (and extremely nice!) team here in Montpellier. What else? In addition to video games, I love film, television and books, of all genres really. I just finished the first season of "Succession." That was good. I recommend it if you like funny, messed-up stories about extremely rich and dysfunctional families. I mean, who doesn't, right? I'm looking forward to hanging out here and interacting with you guys and gals! Thanks so much for your participation and feedback. Our goal is to make a game that you really like playing, and it'd be impossible to do that without your input.