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  1. chsxf

    Transmition Bug

    Hi @EatMeReturns. The bug you're describing seems to be only a visual glitch on the center dialog box when it appears. Thank you for the report. It's been there for quite a time now. We will obviously fix it at some point. But be assured you're not missing anything.
  2. Hi everyone! I am the Lead Developer on Crying Suns. Basically, if it lags, it's on me. When I am not working on Unity, you can find me playing on PS4 (Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, etc.) or Hearthstone. I am also one of the two macOS guys of the team. See you soon in space!
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    Hi @Lyrositor. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi @Sevriss. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi @Tim. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi @Comffyapple. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hi @Cthulhus. Welcome on the forums. I know you're craving for a french version of the game (and the forums). It's also very important to me (and to the team) that are native language be part of the final product and you can count on us to be sure french version won't be missed. However, as @Caroline stated in a other topic, it's difficult to say when it will be available.
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    Hi @Kerrath. Welcome on the forums.
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    Hi @galahir950. Welcome on the forums. Looks like your cookbooks may be of interest for @Caroline !
  10. chsxf

    Hashes for download?

    Hi @lamaslany, We just added MD5 hashes for the zip files. Enjoy!