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  1. Bryan

    Crash on game start

    The game crashed at the "Continue" button. I was able to get it to run by selecting "Run as administrator". Attaching the crash.dmp and error files. crash.dmp error.log
  2. Bryan

    Beta 7 changelog

    I really like the graphics and interface for Beta 7, but the game has suddenly got a lot harder. With fuel doubling in cost and the high cost of hull replacement I can't fit in much in the way of upgrades. Most expeditions not doing much more than breaking even after I have to purchase so many more commandos. I have been unable to even get to the end of the first map. The first time I meet a ship with two hull gauges and a handful of squadrons I get killed. Every time.
  3. Bryan

    Beta 1 (Mid-August) Changelog

    Caroline, can you tell us when the next Beta version will come out? I think I've worn out Beta 1.1
  4. Bryan

    Crash on Restart

    error.logI hit the Restart button and got a crcrash.dmpash.
  5. Bryan

    Crash dump

    I have a crash dump, are those automatically sent back to you, or do we need to put them somewhere?