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  1. Demerzel

    Gas giant colony, with beacon half inside it.

    Thanks for your report ! it's an issue we were aware of and it should be fixed in the next version 🙂
  2. Demerzel

    New SF on Netflix

    Hello ! Yes I had an eye on this one since it was announced but unfortunatly I've seen mixed reviews (or worse) so it's sitting on my watchlist for now. Curious to hear your thoughts about it if you go a bit further though 🙂
  3. Demerzel

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    It should be fixed in the next beta version (early next week) ?
  4. Demerzel

    Ease of use

    Hello Robert, It should already be the case, you should have the following window appearing at startup: The "windowed" checkbox needs to be unchecked for the game to run on full screen. If it's not possible or if you don't get that window at startup it might be a bug. We also had several feedbacks about the font being hard to read, we are currently working on this issue too. In the released version there will be a regular "display" option menu to handle all these parameters. Hope these informations will help you ?
  5. Demerzel

    (Minor Suggestion) Emotive Idaho

    Hi, We definitly have in our roadmap some animations for the characters in the command center that will be played during the events, to add some emphasis to the dialogues. As a matter of fact we already produced a few but haven't integrated them yet. We haven't produced some animation to express Idaho's tension yet but it's definitly something we would like to add before the end ? It's something that will be used in the cutscenes too. For example the intro cutscene is, for now, quite static when they start talking but there will be some animation during the dialogues, they already are all designed, they just wait for us to be included
  6. Hi, For now the "refuel" process is a bit abstract but we are working on a more "integrated" version of the refuel that will make sense within the crying sun universe Anyway you're right we should address that aspect in the event or in the gameplay Thanks for this feedback! Don't hesitate to do as much feedbacks as possible regarding events, they are very useful for us
  7. Hi, Seems like a no brainer indeed ! I confirm that you were a bit lucky here but you're right, it feels a bit unbalanced, we'll fix the cost, it's not supposed to be that cheap. We are planning some improvements to the event system for the player to get a more accurate feedback for the "cost" of some choice (when it makes sense for it to be predictible) . as for the outcome (the weapon) it's supposed to be a "suprise" but you're right there should be a hint in the dialogue to explain why they can't really be sure how it works Thanks for the constructive feedback! We'll improve this event on the next updates thanks to you ?
  8. Demerzel

    Beta 1 (Mid-August) Changelog

    hi @Bryan it's coming... very soon ! you can expect Beta 2.0 on monday or tuesday next week
  9. Demerzel

    Question regarding dev team nationality

  10. Demerzel

    Question regarding dev team nationality

    Hello Pancakemix, That's a good question! We are working on the story with @riles9 who is an American living in France. We both (He and I) work on the narrative design of the game but he is the one doing the heavy lifting on the actual "writing" part. 100% of the game is written in english by @riles9, not in french, and we work together only in english. The question about the English level/comprehensibility is here to evaluate if the language level is still easily readable (not too complex/rich) for non native english speaker, as a lot of players will play the english version of the game without being 100% fluent. All the team members (except @riles9) have french as their first language and have at least a "technical level" in english, it's something that is mandatory in the game industry for non native english speaker (and it's necessary to handle bug report to answer your question). Most of the team has a fairly good level english and some are fluent, or at least they believe they are ^^"
  11. Demerzel

    Demerzel [Crying Suns Team]

    To be honest I never really enjoyed Quantic Dream games very much. I don't really like their writing/stories and never enjoyed the (lack of?) gameplay. Their direction is good though ? Is this one different/better from their previous games ? Do you think I could still like it if I never liked their other work? Do you like it?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm half of the Writers team (with Riles9). Long story short, I played Dune 1 and 2 on PC when I was a kid, lead me to read almost all of Asimov and Herbert, become a huge sci-fi nerd and... fast forward 25 years, here I am writing our own Epic saga with Ian ! I'm also the producer of the game, it means that I'm responsible for the priorities , schedule and the use of resources for the whole project. I'm also a game developer on the game when I'm not doing producing or writing stuff. About me ? Let's just say that I'm really into nerd stuff (Comics, Manga, Anime, Tv series, Movies, litterature, video games etc...) To cite a few of my favorite stuff : Hellboy, Sandman, Larcenet, Hunter X hunter, Parnoïa Agent, BSG, Super Metroid, FTL, TBOI, Mass effect, Dune, Hyperion, Foundation, Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The wire, Six feet under... See you around on the forum ?
  13. Demerzel

    Battle controls bug

    Hello, We managed to reproduce it, it requires a strange succession of actions to trigger. Thanks to your feedbacks I think we will be able to release a fix on monday or tuesday ?
  14. Demerzel

    Story and lore question

    Hi, Thanks a lot @not_a_roman! This thematic felt very interesting to us because it resonate with powerful ideas that we think are central in Dune (in the second part of the saga, Emperor god of Dune being one of my favorite childhood book) And Foundation. Both of them borrows from the major event (for the occidental world) that was the fall of the Roman Empire, an empire that felt immortal and invicble. In both these books they play with this idea that even a huge galactic human civilization, spread among the stars, is not immune to getting back to the dark ages or even disappear on its own. The big difference in our approach is that it happend almost overnight, brutally. To us it feels very contemporary as we are are currently building an entire civilization on top of robots and Artificial intelligence and, as we grow more and more dependant on them, they are almost certainly the key for humankind to grow into a galactic civlization... But "What if" they disappeared at this point where we are so dependant? that's the setup of Crying Suns. Also we like the idea, resonating too with our current world situation, that this human galactic civilization will be quite dystopian (I won't say more about this to avoid spoiling the game), hence the fact that it has evolved into a semi-autoritarian empire with rich and powerful houses (at least before the shutdown).
  15. Demerzel

    Star map display bug

    We were able to reproduce it and fixi it thanks to you informations, we'll update the current version with a fix at the start of next week. I'll keep this topic open until then so that you can confirm that it has been fixed ! Thanks for you help !