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  1. Specta

    New SF on Netflix

    Hello, I would like to suggest you to take a look at NightFlyers on Netflix. Based on a G.R.R Martin book. I saw only the first one so I don't know if it will be good but there are some nice stuff IMO. (IMDB source) : A crew of space explorers embark on a mission to find a mysterious alien ship
  2. Specta

    Beta 7 changelog

    Nice, I did not play since some time, I am happy to test the beta 7 !!!
  3. Hello, I am not sure to understand if the demo on steam is the beta we have access here (beta 7 at the moment) ?
  4. I don't know this game, what is it ? I play (played) hundred (thousands ?) of games since the 90' It is hard to tell my favorites, but I'll tell you some games I like : Faster Than Light Into the breach Jedi Knight 2 & 3 Watseland 2 director's cut 7 days to die Xcom 2 Stellaris PUBG Natural Selection 2 Prey Dishonored Squad The binding of isaac The evil within Subnautica Total War The wicher Elite dangerous I'll stop here, there are too much games ? And I play a lot of AAA mainstream games, like GTA, tomb raider, Battlefield etc .. I'm trying to test all Space games too like :Space engineers / Space pirates and Zombies / take on mars / hellion /Stationeers etc ... ALL space games I see I'm starting to think that I like All games
  5. Specta

    A very good translator tool

    Thanks you for sharing. I'm using this one: http://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=FR http://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=EN It corrects the text and proposes examples of context etc.
  6. Specta

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Thanks you Caroline, I'll try the new version !
  7. Specta

    (?) Expedition shuttle size

    output_log.txt Windows 10 pro 64b Updated GTX 980 Ti lastest driver I7 7700K MSI Z270 Gaming M3 16 Gb
  8. Specta

    No Fuel on star

    At the begining of the game, I'm missing fuel, there is no fuel on a star Is this a game design ? Windows 10 64b Updated GTX 980 Ti lastest driver I7 7700K MSI Z270 Gaming M3 16 Gb
  9. Specta

    (?) Expedition shuttle size

    Hello, Each time I bought an Expedition shuttle size, the mission requires more commandos. 1st Mission : 10 Commandos / 10 remaining I bought 1 expedition shuttle size: 11 commandos / 10 remaining I bought another one: 12 commandos / 10 remaining It is normal or maybe I did not understand something ?
  10. Specta

    Ilya Lizard

    Thanks for your answer @Ilya Lizard. I saw something, a technology, they put this on gamers and it analyzes the heartbeat, the stress etc... I am not sure but I think the game reacts to the player, it was an horror game perhaps, Iam not sure about this.
  11. Specta

    Demerzel [Crying Suns Team]

    I can't answer, I just bought a PS4 few months ago to play Red Dead 2, (I'am on PC since year 2000). For the moment I can say it is an interactive movie with a lot of choices, the story looks like classic hollywood sci-fi movie or asimov story: "A.I.", "I robot", Ex-Machina etc ... I am not fan of interactive movie but this one is fun to play and it is beautiful to watch. I think every player should try it. You can't do the good guy and have the good ending, you are just trying to make decisions in a quick time but sometime if you don't kill someone, you can loose another person you like, I mean, it is not Manichean.
  12. Specta

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    -Can't see ships explosions because of the "Fight report"
  13. Specta

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Sevriss, I will not give up, I played FTL maybe 100 hours in easy before I won my first game ! Ok I'm perhaps not good at it but I did not give up ?
  14. Specta

    Demerzel [Crying Suns Team]

    Hello, I'm playing "Detroit: become Human" since yesterday, If you know this game, what do you think (without spoillers) about it ? (story /story telling etc .)