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  1. I'm posting this here because the game's bug reporting feature stopped working yesterday. I found a beacon that was clipping into a gas giant because the gas giant was so big its model reached out to where the beacon was. Most of the beacon was submerged, but I could still see a little bit of the bottom of it poking out and some antennas, or whatever they are. There was also an event on this location about a colony, which should be impossible on a gas giant. In addition, some of the text in the event overflowed from it's textbox. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to provide any of the juicy metadata that I presume the bug reporter collects when you sent a bug report. Event spoilers, so that you know which one I'm talking about: The event was about a colony that was having too many babies, due to the failure of some OMNI operated imperial tech that prevents conception. When questioned about why they don't just abstain, the leader claims that the women continue to asexually reproduce and give birth despite that, and the she (the leader) herself is proof to that. I sent an engineer hero to fix some old, non-OMNI, "birther" tech and they gave me scrap in return. P.S. This is unrelated to the aforementioned bug, but I haven't been receiving backer kit emails. I still get the update emails, but the emails containing a link to the game download have stopped. Luckily I can just use the old backer kit emails to get there, so it's not a big problem. My email is the same as the one I use for this forum.
  2. This is a game that obsesses over the building it's atmosphere, and I love it for that. One idea I had that could help with that is if Admiral Idaho gesticulated and emoted appropriately in accordance to the situation. Currently, Idaho maintains a stoic pose of simply folding his hands behind his back at all times, and breathing slowly. It's a fine pose, but it would be nice if he would do things like pacing back and forth, or stroking his chin when confronted with a decision. Waving his arms when explaining something. Even something subtle like his hand's grip tensing up when something bad happens, or turning to look at who or whatever he is talking to would add a lot to the atmosphere I feel, and help the player better fit into the Admiral's shoes. It would also be nice to see this for the Heroes and Kaliban. I don't know if this is a lot to ask for. Whether this is a simple thing to implement or not hinges on how the bridge "scene" works I'm guessing. Would this require an overhaul of how the bridge scene/view/whatever works? Or would it be a relatively simple matter of creating new animations and sticking them into the game? Either way, it would probably require sifting through all the encounters in the game to script Idaho on when and how to gesture, unless you set the game up so that it automatically does it. For example, when confronted with a decision the game could chose randomly from a list of "decision animations" to assign to Idaho. But of course, that runs the risk of inappropriate animations being chosen automatically.
  3. I encountered a sun worshiping cult who were preparing to "reunify". I left them be, but then used their star to refuel. They were pretty insistent that I leave them and their sun be, so it's a little odd that they don't react to me refueling from it. I guess it depends on what the refueling process entails. Are we scooping neo-N fuel from the star, or near the star's orbit? Or is it a simple matter of opening some solar panel like devices towards the sun and waiting a bit? Anyway, it doesn't bother me at all--I know I wouldn't bother implementing a feature that would only be used for one encounter--but this is just the type of thing that whiners on the internet love to complain about.
  4. (Overpowered encounter) MK III tesla mine for 15 scrap As I entered the second system of the second sector/cluster, the very first encounter was a message from my ship's R&D team stating that they created a weapon from scrap. I had the option to either accept the weapon, or turn it back into scrap. I didn't want to demoralize the crew by destroying their hard work, and some scrap probably would be wasted in taking it apart. Also, I figured that the weapon would be worth more than whatever scrap they had used to make it, so I took the weapon. Boy, was I right! For a mere 15 scrap, I got a tesla mine MK III! Even if it was the worst weapon in the game, it would always be worth more than 15 scrap, and so it would always be worth the trade because you can then sell the weapon for a HUGE markup. Maybe I was just blessed by the RNG gods, and got the best possible outcome this encounter, but this may be in need of nerfing. Also, if possible, I would like to see both the scrap used, and the weapon's stats, or at least the weapon's name before deciding to keep it. Also, also, Idaho should really chastise his crew for using resources without permission, regardless of whether he accepts the weapon, at least a little bit...
  5. Pancakemix

    Beta 2 (mid-september) changelog

    Great stuff, wish I had more time to play.
  6. So, Crying Suns is being made by a team in France, right? There were questions in the beta survey about the user's fluency in English, and about the comprehensibility of the English text in the game. It makes me wonder if the team is worried about their grasp of the English language. For what it's worth, I've liked everything I've read in the game so far; there are maybe one or two things that were just a little bit weird, but I'm ok with it because I had chalked it up as space age dystopia weirdness, not French to English weirdness. So how many people on the dev team speak English? Is it just the community/PR/Marketing managers and translators? I know it's pretty common for people in at least some countries to have English as a second language. For the people in your team who don't speak English at all, how do they read bug reports and the posts on this forum (which I imagine are mostly English)? Do you have your translator keep them appraised? Anything else interesting about this that you'd like to mention? Like I said, I think the writing is great so far, I'm mainly asking out of curiosity, which is why I've posted it here in the off topic section of the forum.
  7. In my first post one of the devs mentioned that they are trying out ideas for crew moral. I've created this post to voice my ideas on the topic, and give other's the opportunity to do the same. Some Most of the actions you might take and choices your forced to make are morally complex, or downright evil. You may not always have the luxury of choosing to be the nice guy. This has a lot of consequences, and one of them is the moral of your crew. If you do things that don't sit well with your crew, they may become deserters and disappear. At the moment, the only possible consequence of displeasing your crew is desertion, and when they decide to desert is decided by chance at the time you make the decision they dislike. You are warned when the crew is at risk of desertion before you make a decision. At least, this is how the system works to my knowledge, I may have gotten details wrong. So here are my ideas for how the crew moral system could be expanded and improved on. 1. Continuous crew moral: Instead of having the crew's desertion chance be dictated by chance and at every relevant choice, how about the crew has an overall moral that changes for better or worse over the course of the game? Improve your moral by making choices they like and by being a competent leader. Decrease it by doing the opposite. If you have great moral, then they should be more likely to stick with you even through the occasional bad choice. And if they do leave, it will be in fewer numbers. 2. Moral gauge(ing): At the moment, you don't know how likely it is that people will leave you. With or without the aforementioned continuous crew moral, it may be a good idea to give the player an educated guess about how likely the crew is to desert for a given choice. Like how you get an estimation of how suited a hero is for an expedition. Speaking of, perhaps the ability to get a sense of the crew's disposition could be locked behind a hero skill. 3. Other consequences, and benefits: Desertion is nasty, don't get me wrong, but poor moral can manifest itself in many worse, and more insidious ways. Insidious ways that make crew moral a much more fun and interesting thing to fear and manage. From poor performance, to theft, to sabotage, to betrayal, and even more. And if you have great moral, then you should *benefit* in a number of ways instead. Implementing this would probably require continuous crew moral to work. 4. Choice justification/spin doctoring: For added depth to every choice, the ability to explain the logic and reasoning behind your decisions to the crew to mitigate or even reverse the bad moral would be an excellent addition, abet one that would add a great deal of extra work for the dev team. I thought this one up when I encountered some pilots who were resting on a planet. You could get them to join you as a squadron if you explained your mission to them in a way that they liked. Depending on what you say, the impact to moral could be unaffected, worsened, lessened, or even changed to positive. It could also change based on your situation. For example, you could explain an evil action as necessary for resources, which the crew will not like, but understand if you're in a desperate situation. However, if you're loaded to the gills, they will hate you even more for giving such a lame justification. This is another place where, if you have the right hero skill, you could narrow down the right possible choices a bit. So those are all my crew moral ideas, for now. I leave it to the discretion of the devs to decide whether they like any of them. But what about my fellow beta testers? Any ideas you'd like to add? What do you think of mine?
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    Repair Hull skill

    I have to agree with the dev, if the power allowed you to repair past the bar you're currently on, you could just neutralize the enemy's offensive capabilities and then leave them alive to farm health. Another game, Darkest Dungeons, had a similar issue. Some classes of hero had healing abilities, but you can only use abilities in battle. Meaning you couldn't use it for safe, free healing outside of battle and make the game too easy. However, if you killed most enemies and left one weak one you essentially COULD exploit for free healing. They addressed this by adding a secret turn limit to battles that, when passed, would cause more enemies to join the battle, thus penalizing you for exploiting the game. If the devs of this game do change their mind about this issue, they could implement something similar to prevent exploitation. I do have one idea though, how about a hero ability that you can use outside of battle to repair the Odysseus's health bars? You could balance it by having it cost more than a station repair. More skilled heroes could have cheaper repair costs. Edit: And if you like that idea, maybe there could be a skill for squadron repair too.
  9. Hi, first time poster here. I just found a fun encounter in the game today, well, definitely not fun but you get what I'm saying. The leader of a colony contacted me and told me about how her colony suffers from severe overpopulation, but the colonists still continue to pump out babies despite lacking the resources to sustain them. She wanted me to bomb a nearby chemical plant so that the chemicals would enter the air and cause sterility in her population. However, I have an alternate suggestion that I would like to see in the game if the devs like it. Instead of bombing a plant in the hopes of causing mass sterility, which may not work well or well enough, may work TOO well (what's the point in insuring survival if the colony is made completely sterile and dies off anyway?), and may cause unwanted side-effects, I would suggest establishing a birth limit (assuming they don't have one already) and leaving behind a small team of doctors along with a soldier escort team to perform vasectomies, hysterectomies, tubal ligation, et cetera whenever someone reaches or goes past the birth limit. Depending on what the devs want, the leader could accept or decline this alternate solution. Maybe she accepts but offers less or no scrap, or maybe even more because she likes the plan better. Maybe she'll decline because she doesn't think the colonists will submit to involuntary sterilization, and the military escort will not be enough to enforce it anyway. Also, it might be a good idea to have a blue option that allows me to consult a specialist on the possible effects of the chemicals, and/or consult a specialist on solutions used in the empire's obscure past. Just some food for thought.