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    Upgrade-able heroes?

    Is there any plan to be able to upgrade your heroes? Through expedition experience, encounter exp, or purchased through the stores? Just a thought.
  2. I liked the situation..What a dark choice. I agree with GM Jake that a specialist option might make for a good alternative. A counter proposal would be a good option too! I couldn't do it, even with the scrap...
  3. HazyOblivion


    Hi all, I am a teacher living in Southern California. I am in my mid 30's, have a wife and 2 kids. My 6 year old son love playing and watching me play video games. I have played video games since I was 2 1/2. LOVE Sci-fi. I am huge fan of the this genre of game and of the setting. I tried the demo and fell in love with the art style, the combat, and the story. I've been a part of a few Kickstarters and a few Betas but never actually involved in the feedback process. However, I am eager to participate in this forum!
  4. HazyOblivion

    Ilya Lizard

    That sounds like an awesome career!