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  1. GM Jake

    In Game Fonts

    The fixed width poorly pixelated font is very difficult to easily read. Switching to a variable width font such as these fonts from Google Fonts would be a big improvement. If you really need fixed width fonts, then these choices from Google fonts would be a big improvement in readability. Most fonts from here are free to use for almost any application. Also your Vertically written text such as 'WEAPONS' and 'SQUADRONS' took several attempts for my wife to read. Instead, if the text were normally written in left to right horizontal format above the item, it would be significantly easier to read.
  2. From what I've seen this is one of the darker events. No good option lore wise or mechanically if you get hit with this one. It really sets the mood even if the situation itself seems a little silly. I do like that your crew reacts to your choices. This particular event differs in that there is no specialist option. I had all 9 skills covered over 4 heroes when I got this last run, still no blue option. I like your idea of a counterproposal as a risky act and to add some type of blue option. Speaking of specialist options I don't recall seeing one for assault or hacking yet but I hope to encounter them. Right now seems spying and science options come up more than the others but that could just be RNG.
  3. 2. I've noticed that any event that requires you have a resource doesn't check to see if you have that resource before offering it as a suggestion. In FTL it would grey out an option if you lacked the resources. I.E. giving scrap for something when you don't have it, fuel etc. I reported it under bugs. I could see how lacking fuel to pull away from a star would be a game over in that instance. 3. It could be a plot hole but there is a mention at a specific event that you seem to have forgotten 99% of your life experiences. Keeping 1% could be that the church is hostile... I do like where they are going with gaining or losing the advantage over an adversary. Eventually, this will play into more mechanical benefits. Only the asteroid event seems to start you off with an advantage even though others mention you have it.
  4. GM Jake

    First impressions

    Thank you IndyNarf for explaining fuel efficiency. Good to know fuel efficiency is being reworked. I did a run without any and a separate one with max . The one without any tended to average me 1 fuel per star while max efficiency averaged 2. Removing the minimum for ground expeditions would be interesting. Certainly would make it a more difficult choice and no longer lock you out if you only had 9 commandos. Love the idea to see the shop's contents before jumping in. Make's sense that they would broadcast their menu. Maybe shops use an encrypted signal that only imperials can decode and/or broadcast from buoys/relays? This would prevent scrappers and such tracking down their signals and taking their stuff. Maybe have a ship upgrade to hear it 1 or 2 jumps away? Seeing the big reward for the ground expedition would help with the decisions but I do appreciate the randomness of it to simulate real life. You never know if you will get a weapon, scrap, squadron or another hero at the end. I ran a few more runs and due to some luck, pulling a mkIII cruiser my second ground mission and buying 2 squadrons from that same mission to use my fighter/cruiser combo. I was able to do extremely well. I defeated the boss in the second sector using 3 squadrons slots and 7 deep squads, 3 of which were cruisers, without losing a single health bar. Having a fighter and 2 cruisers out is very effective provided the enemy doesn't AOE it to death. At the end of this run, I had one point short of max focus, health, squadron size. If I had gone to sector 3, after using the 300+ scrap I got from the boss I would have soon ran out of meaningful upgrades to obtain besides better squadrons and/or weapons. As the sectors expand with beta progress will the upgrades you can pick from also grow? Other questions: I recall seeing this question before but any plans to also have special slots, like FTL's 3 specials slots, added at some point? Have you experimented with having a faster focus regeneration skill or would that imbalance things? I had 21 fuel and 20 commandos at one point. I was trying to see what the cap was (since there is a skill to increase it). What is the cap? Can it be displayed so you know what it is? At this point, the skill to increase it seems useless. Are there plans to have hero's level up? I noticed humans all start with 3 skills and the faction's start with 4. You likely don't want them to get high enough to have all 9 skills because then ground missions would lose their sting but progression would help them feel not just alive (the events that need their skills do that) but that they can evolve.
  5. GM Jake

    Squadron Control

    On the second point, I can see why allowing multi-point commands would get time-consuming for players and could be very difficult to program the AI with. Right now it appears both AI and players use the same pathing restrictions which is fine to me. Maybe develop a command/move order to give your squadrons to ignore enemies if you want them to rush to a point. Along those lines maybe give fighters a command to hit the afterburners.
  6. GM Jake

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    I agree on the retreat mechanic for planetary missions is extremely harsh. Unless you are about to lose the hero because you had nothing but bad events it's better to push on and take whatever comes. Also, the estimator for needed skills may need to be looked at. I had a 4 skill hero have 2 green skills (only had green and orange before) for a planetary mission and the mission ended up a total loss.
  7. GM Jake

    First impressions

    Beta tester here with my impressions. I got to the boss of the second sector after a few runs. Finally saw a better version of the piercer gun, mkII (3 focus I think 30 damage), and mkIII (3 focus 40 damage) just before the boss. Died on the boss due to him deploying 3 squadrons 2/3 times (I think 8 waves total) versus my 2 squadrons twice (4 total). He had 4 bars of health. He deployed lots of mkIII cruisers. Had 2 weapons mkIII piercer and AOE weapon but I lost health bars and could never get enough focus to use them one last time to save me from the last cruiser. Ground missions can bring down the scrap haul and I always went after them if I had commandos and the hero had at least green on one of their trees. Preferable green on one and orange in the other. Ground missions in sector 2 were much more lethal if you didn't have green and orange. Lost a whole mission with just a green on one tree. I spent a lot of scrap replacing them. Getting that second squadron deployment early was key. Especially because I would typically place fighters in front of the cruiser. The cruiser does more damage 2 squares away. Together they make a powerful combo. I saw that super nuke weapon on one run. The one the psychiatrist/shrink station says they will use on you if you try anything funny. Takes 5 focus but does 50 damage to a huge area. Sold it since that's a ton of focus. When I beat the first sector boss (3 bars of health) it gave me 300+ scrap and a store opened up. I used all the scrap repairing all the damage I took, 2 bars, of health 4 squadrons. Unlike FTL you don't pick the next sector to jump to you just go to the star screen and you start at the far left again. I don't know if that will change in the future. It appears the exit point will always be generated in the middle at the far right. I also saw a beam weapon but I have noticed that only piecers can damage enemy hulls. I didn't try the beam weapon but I hope you can change the direction of the beam, similar to FTL. If not it's probably better to sell it. Suggestions: If you upgrade ground expedition size to say 11 then you must have 11 commandos to run any missions from then on. It should increase the maximum you can send not the max and min. I don't feel like fuel efficiency, any step, does anything. Even at max (3), I have had stars give me 0 fuel. Even with 0 fuel efficienciencyI have pulled 3 fuel from a star... Overall: It is quite a challenge and I know personally that getting a 2 bar enemy first jump is very unlucky and will be a restart. I love the lore weaved in. Especially once I got to the psychiatrist/shrink station or when you get to the end sector boss and they comment on how you look just like the last guy they killed.