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    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Hello Spectra, I am a french backer too. I agree that some of the first fights are too hard, I ended up with pretty high rolls (6 troops/multiple waves). However, you should definitely keep on trying because those high rolls are unlikely. Give it another try! "1st system ( only 2 threats)" It means 2 threats per Sun/Star/System, not 2 threats per beacon. So it's unrelated to the dangerousness of the beacon. Also, it's true that most of the decisions you take can be bad, take a look at FTL; and it seems few backers ended up pretty far in the game; they made the good decisions and invested a lot of time in the game.
  2. PackSciences

    First impressions

    Seems like Second Squadron first is the best strategy. "It appears the exit point will always be generated in the middle at the far right." I guess it's for symmetry. Is that an issue? I think it's fine and it brings symmetry in top/bottom decision. "I don't feel like fuel efficiency, any step, does anything. Even at max (3), I have had stars give me 0 fuel. Even with 0 fuel efficienciencyI have pulled 3 fuel from a star..." that's a good point. Maybe fuel efficiency needs to be increased? "It is quite a challenge and I know personally that getting a 2 bar enemy first jump is very unlucky and will be a restart" Yes, I don't understand. Sometimes you start a run and it's a super easy opponent, and sometimes it's a 2 bar enemy. It's really an issue that forces the reset.
  3. PackSciences

    Forum Bug

    From what I can see, the forum has been developed with "Invision Community" and it might be interesting to report the following issue. Anyone can view hidden/inaccessible topics. Example: This thread http://community.cryingsuns.com/topic/3-comment-poster-un-bug/?do=findComment&comment=3 is the French equivalent of Bug Report. However, it is private, because if you click on it with non-admin permissions, you can't access it. No problem so far, a hidden thread cannot be accessed. Wait, but I am not admin, how did I find out about this thread?! Well, you can see it by going on the message's author's profile; in this case in @Caroline's profile. Therefore, I think it was urgent to report this issue to avoid accidental leaks.
  4. PackSciences

    First impressions

    Yes, I forgot to mention you can buy them in shop, but is it worth buying them? They look like really long-term investment for really small reward.
  5. PackSciences

    A french board ?

    "it seems to me that many bakers are Anglo-Saxons." Are they? Looking at the "New member introduction" section, it seems that many are one of us ?? . It could be interesting to poll if french backers have troubles or are limited with giving feedback in English.
  6. PackSciences

    First impressions

    Hello ConanC, I am another tester, not staff, but I feel like answering some of your feedback: "After the initial tutorial, the star map was zoomed way too far out (bug). " It has already been reported and the staff said they are working on it. "When I moved a squadron through one it was totally destroyed by them. After that battle I would try to find paths around them, but the default paths the game chooses always seemed to cross them. Maybe you could implement a way to trace a path around asteroids? Maybe the squadron could stop along that path if you run out of command points and continue when you get more?" I feel like asteroids and pathfinding are part of the game, it makes you spare extra focus points and makes the game harder. Indeed, the pathfinding seems counter intuitive at first because you think that the ships must auto-avoid asteroids, but I think it's intended. Yes, the game is hard, several other testers felt that way. "This lead to the combats feeling largely the same." I felt a little bit the same. " I didn't find a way to replenish my Commandos afterwards" I think i got a random event in which I got 3 commandos, so you can definitely replenish Commandos. However, I feel like the ground missions are too rare, and replenishing is pretty rare aswell.
  7. PackSciences

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Ok so you go for Squadron 3 then Focus Point, or Squadron 2 -> Focus Point -> Squadron 3 Focus Point. I do the latest personally. Also, do you ever buy the other upgrades? I usually upgrade a little bit for refueling in Stars.
  8. PackSciences

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    I have few questions regarding the strategy to opt for. Red zones and orange zones: Like FTL, you can rush out to the end but obviously if you do that you will get crush, you can greed all the systems even in the red zones. I tried few hours to rush to see how far I could go, didn't ended well, which is coherent and makes sense. I tried few hours in the red zone, and it's really hard and it doesn't seem like there is any point in staying in red zones unless you lacked Neon-N and you are late compared to the fleet. My question is about orange zones: are they harder than "regular suns"? have they better loot? Is it just to warn that the red zone will be there soon or an actual change in difficulty? Coward ship: In the first fight, I feel like the most optimized way to fight is the following: Look at the type of opponent the enemy ship spawns (one in the first Stars) Deploy the matching Rock-Paper-Scissors ship Destroy the few unit while spamming the weapon If you play heal or critical effect, just undeploy the ship to protect it and finish the opponent flagship with weapon That sequence is very repetitive and often end up with the fact that most of the fight is just use the weapon on the opponent's ship, which is pretty slow and boring. Heroes: How do other people play with Heroes? I feel like I either pick Heal or "Inflict a critical effect to the enemy ..." at the start, and I never touch at it, because it's slow to change it during fights, and usually once you have started with one, you keep it. I know heroes are used for expedition, so obviously you change them when they die in expedition; but other than this case, do other players change their heroes tactically? Upgrades and fuel: Which upgrades are to prioritize? My first reflex was to prioritize fuel, because out of fuel makes the fleet move, which increase the difficulty for nothing, and the lack of Neon-N usually snowballs, it keeps getting worse and worse. But it turned out the fuel can be found for cheap in stores, in addition to the refill of fuel in the sun. I usually save scraps for the Squadron Dock, in order to deploy multiple ships and increase dps, and weapon dock if I get a weapon. I don't know exactly when to upgrade the Focus Points, I just put them when I have extra scrap. I never used the following upgrades: Battleship life, because it's too passive Hero Dock, because it's too greedy to invest 150 scraps in it. Maybe it's too expensive? Expedition Shuttle Size, because expeditions are pretty rare, and you usually lose lots of commandos at each expedition, so not worth it Strategy guide: I feel like the developers know already a lot about what's optimal and what's not, and for new players, it's really hard to learn. Usually, in this situation, people would look up on the internet to find a guide to explain the basics on how to do a solid run, so I think it could be cool if the developers explained in a wiki or forum thread, like the FTL wiki, the basics of the game and how to do a run. Star Map bugs and glitches: I am not going to talk about the Star Map display bug that was already reported. I figured out that if you were to click in a different Star while you have already selected a star to travel to (during the animation): You travel to the latest star you clicked on You keep the info of the first star you originally wanted to travel too In the following screenshot, I was in Entrance, I clicked on the Terid System (the one on the bottom), then on the "middle one", that is still listed as "???" and then on the Auchbia System. Is this intended? Technically, I think it's not find because you reveal information you shouldn't be able to know about a system you've never visited. Streaming: Is it allowed to stream the beta on Twitch? I would like to see how other plays on the second sector and it would help to share strategies. Conclusion: I am looking forward to the next build, I really hope the game can be clearer or easier for me to understand, I feel like I am lacking some knowledge to do a run and it's frustrating. There is definitely potential in this game, keep up the good work!