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  1. not_a_roman

    Story and lore question

    @Demerzel I like the fact that you have based this off dune, but more importantly, done an empire collapse based on the western roman empire. Its interesting to explore a route of galactic imperial collapse as its often not explored. Its interesting as well because some of the imperial houses are now carving out their own empires from the carcass of the rotting human empire, and the loyalist are trying to hold onto the scraps, I am looking forward to the lore surrounding these houses!
  2. not_a_roman

    First impressions

    Yeah this seems to be a common complaint, game is still great though, story is very strong and I think the community likes this the most out of the recent updates
  3. not_a_roman

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Yeah devs said they wanted to make the closed beta punishing so they can adjust for upcoming updates and releases, I just avoid planetary stuff because of how punishing it is to be honest (although probably should do it)
  4. not_a_roman

    Story and lore question

    Hi there, I absolutely love and adore the lore and setting. I was wondering what inspired you to create a game that is set in a dying interstellar empire?
  5. not_a_roman

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    You're not bad, I am having the same issues here. Maybe a little too hard right now but I do feel there is a change in balancing especially in rewards and scrap. Probably tone down the heavy focus on RNG and enemies. Enemy squadrons are just way too overwhelming and after 2 or 3 jumps I just got crushed (but hey maybe I am just bad). I certainly feel more disadvantaged than the enemies (which compared to FTL, I was still disadvantaged but it felt organic enough to progress; whereas here I just find it hard for being the sake of hard - making it less enjoyable along that fact) Focus more on lore per sector (like sector progression based on factors or a combination between two?). I am finding the lore part of the game the most enjoyable (and a great selling point too!). I think ALT SHIFT GAMES have nailed the story part and just the atmosphere is beyond perfect. I find that this is the most important part of the game, and it is definitely what drew me in to backing this project and buying the game. This aspect definitely sets it apart from FTL. In conclusion I love this game, and it has sooooo much potential, but I think the game needs more of handle on new players not in terms of controls, but better interfaces and more balanced enemies but slowly progressing with the player to the point that in later sectors it is challenging but enjoyable (to achieve that aspect of being hard but enjoyable game). Its frustrating because I can't enjoy the game's lore and story because of the issues stated previously. Keep up the good work, this a unique project and by far a very promising game