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  1. Ilya Lizard

    Ilya Lizard

    Specta - I definitely do. ? Not to much into them, but I've seen some very entertaining ones, made with Garry's mod. I have not studied the machinima phenomena as a research topic, cause I always was much more curious about the commentary involving game videos, like streams and letsplay - they give us information about the player's emotional reaction and cognition-driven actions simultaneously.
  2. Hello! I'm starting a new thread for feedback about encounters - small and big problems we "encounter in the encounters" in the beta. ? So I'll start - 1) There's a typo in the encounter with the civilian ship in need of fuel. The captain of the civilian ship is saying "we are tying" instead of "tRying" 2) I've had an encounter near a red star, where our ship gets drawn into the star by its gravity. It costs you two points of fuel to get away. The problem is, I've got this encounter when I had my fuel at zero points. So I think some encounters should be synchronized with the player's stats. 3) I think there's a minor plot hole appearing sometimes in the first encounter with a church ship. In my second run, I've got a church ship by surprise and Admiral commanded to ambush it right away. But from the story perspective, I didn't know yet, that church is hostile!
  3. Ilya Lizard

    Ilya Lizard

    Hello Caroline! I live and work in Israel, so my thesis and the following publications are in Hebrew. You can read my main work abstract in English here - https://www.graduate.technion.ac.il/Theses/Abstracts.asp?Id=26994 and currently, I do work on an English translation for possible DIGRA submission. But as a teaching fellow, I mainly work on lectures and academic courses about games, cinema, and environment design.
  4. Ilya Lizard

    Skaz [Crying Suns team]

    Hi! You and your colleagues surely did a great job on the game visuals! The imagery immediately creates a deep feeling of grim, but epic space opera, the world of space empire, once great, but now corrupt - the world of Dune and Simon Green's Deathstalker, just as we all like =). Great designs to accompany a good story.
  5. Ilya Lizard

    Ilya Lizard

    Greetings! My name is Ilya, I'm an architect, designer, and cartoonist. I am teaching visual communication at an architectural college and making various art projects. I like video games and new-wave era science fiction, so this project had immediately drawn my attention. Also, I did my second degree in researching video games - especially, the connections between the gameplay/story and depiction of space and environments. As a college teacher and researcher, I try to be connected to the actual game making industry and process as much as I can, so I'm always happy to join alpha and beta tests of interesting game projects. I want to thank the developers' team for the opportunity, and hope I'll be able to be of some help ?