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  1. Sevriss

    Opinions/Feedback on Events ???

    Hi, as far as I'm concerned, I appreciate the existing events. They are well enough written to set the tone, the atmosphere of this crumbling universe. My favourites are those that engage your morals as an admiral, that will displease your crew or not, because we don't know the consequences of these choices, I hope there are others than commandos who have fled . I must admit that I had much less time to play on this version of beta, the resumption of work is quite busy, but on the whole I find this version quite correct. I just hope for a little more variety in the encounters, the equipment, but I'm sure this will happen . Again sorry for the lack of feedback lately, I will send my comments if something seems absolutely necessary to me.
  2. Sevriss

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Just a little thing, if you spawn a squadron directly in an ennemy hexagone, this squadron is sometimes stuck, without fighting or beiing able to move.
  3. Sevriss

    Beta 2 (mid-september) changelog

    Nice, thanks for your job guys and girls ? I will test this and die horribily many times as soon as possible!
  4. Sevriss

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Yes, cool, downloading it right now, will play it asap ;)
  5. Sevriss

    Anger an Frustration (✖╭╮✖)

    Hello to all! Okay, after a lot of games, a few thoughts: -Even if the game must remain hard, it should still be possible to repair the ship or squadrons more often. For example, when you can't do that even by going through 4 stores, you get to the end sector fight completely exploded... it's almost impossible to pass the boss. - shops: maybe a little more choice in the things to buy? Scraps remain precious, because they have to be invested strategically, but sometimes you arrive with great savings in a store... without being able to buy anything there because there is only fuel, a hero or a repair that you do not need. -squadrons: it quickly becomes clear that victory depends on the number of squadrons that can be deployed. However, we sometimes make an entire sector without having the possibility of buying one or without "loot" one. Here are some thoughts, give your opinion, it's a little quiet these last days, do not hesitate to say what you think of the game and its mechanics. See you in space soon.
  6. Sevriss

    Story and lore question

    Thank you for your answer... which leaves me with many other questions! If Oberon controls the RUBYCON, it gives him absolute power over the empire but also the big houses, which could have pushed them to try to escape his control, even if it means disconnecting the OMNI. Or it could have been Oberon himself who disconnected the OMNI to counter a rise in power of the big houses. OR, because there is another question, the situation is quite different. The question being: Kaliban? How is Kaliban persistent? If the clones die every time the crew fails, how does Kaliban survive? Does he have copies of himself? But that would mean that it would only have to replicate himself in great number to reactivate solar systems that no longer have OMNI. Then, this isn't real. It could be a thorough training, a simulation of total collapse, conducted in RV by Kaliban, manipulating the minds of the crew members so that they do not retain disabling traumatic memories. Some clues remind me of that, but maybe I go too far ^^ ?️‍♂️
  7. Sevriss

    Story and lore question

    Saint Elon Musk will save us all from the demonic merchant Amazon, praise him ? More seriously, if possible, I'd like to ask a quick question about the emperor. Who was he? How did he come to power, and what was there before his reign? Is it he who created OMNI alone or with the help of certain houses?
  8. Sevriss

    Suggestions for crew moral system

    Hi, some very interesting ideas Pancakemix! I don't know to what extent the morale system is developed within the mechanics of the game but this would involve the player even more if this "statistic" were really to be taken into account. I mean, at the moment, we don't know if moral decisions affect the crew punctually, or if a "stat" exists and evolves with all the decisions taken by the Admiral. It would be interesting, as you suggest, to have a morale bar, or at least an indication of it, although it would add work to the team if it is not already the case. From there, one could imagine having to spare his crew during the choices made during the game, or even pay them to go out to the local cantina (in the shops) so that they can smoke spice and swallow litres of this famous Belgian beer fermented in weightlessness on TRAPPIST-1 e. Moreover, with the fall of the Empire, I am very worried with the fate of this glorious space distillery, the loss of such a great ethylic heritage would be tragic, but I get a little lost ?
  9. Sevriss

    Commandos and Commando Upgrade

    Yes, I also confirm this problem. I upgraded the number of commandos in expedition to 11 to test, and I could not launch expedition because I had only 10. Another thing that no one has brought up, the ship's departure panel, with our basic stats, indicates that we have 20 commandos. Now we start the game with only 10? Is that normal?
  10. Good morning, everyone. Ok just a little topic, to talk about the little things, the gameplay details that are sometimes raging or annoying. We're not talking about the events, not the technique, just the little details. Okay, for example on my last part, with build 1.1. - The rocks in front of the ship's hangar... squadrons' collective sucide returning from a hard won battle. The salt levels in my system jumped. - On two systems in a row, 0 Neo-N reloaded on the suns. When this happens, basically you can't explore or play exploration, it's frustrating and disabling in my opinion. Maybe it should be the minimum recharge point. -The enemy squadron spawn directly in close combat. When you're a little advanced in the game and the ship has already taken some damage, it's a death sentence. By the time we deploy the squadron(s), get the guns in line, we've already lost a lot of life points. Here, I wanted to do a little topic about those little things that could be adjusted. I hope I'm not duplicating another subject. Give your opinion, your experiences, we will laugh about our miseries in space. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  11. Sevriss


    En tant que pilote sur Elite Dangerous, je ne peux qu'aimer ta première vidéo ? avec au début la musique d'intro de Borderlands 2, c'est parfait! As a pilot on Elite Dangerous, I can only love your first video:) with Borderlands 2 intro music at the beginning, it's perfect!
  12. Are you planning a crew mutiny if we play a cold and implacable Admiral Idaho? Sometimes you have to be that way to secure the future of the Empire! I've already lost commandos following a tough decision... TRAITORS!
  13. Sevriss

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    As for expeditions, I always try them if I have an orange skill line. On the one hand for discovery ( for science!!!!) and on the other hand because it can pay big money! On the other hand the rng for the success or failure of the missions is still obscure for me. I've made successful expeditions with an orange skill line and lamentably screwed up another one where my hero had green skills...
  14. Sevriss

    Balancing issues or am I just bad?

    Salut Specta, Ne lâche pas, le jeu est parfois une vrai peau de vache sur l'aléatoire, il m'est arrivé aussi d'avoir des débuts de partie impossibles, mais c'est assez rare. Le boulot actuel de la beta consistera (je pense) à justement bien équilibrer cette difficulté. Hi, Specta, Don't let go, the game is sometimes a real cowhide on the random, it also happened to me to have impossible beginnings of game, but it is rather rare. The beta's current job will consist (I think) in precisely balancing this difficulty.
  15. Sevriss

    Upgrade-able heroes?

    Interesting! Just an idea like that, could the heroes give another buff in combat? Like a slight increase in weapon or squadron damage if they are elite pilots. A reduction in damage if they are outstanding technicians. All this combined with their basic skills would make them even more valuable assets to the ship.