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  1. Comffyapple

    Time Constraints

    I think adding a time constraint to Crying suns would cool, that would affect gameplay heavily, Like Faster Than Light. This is just an idea, maybe experiment with it, and I'm wondering if you guys ever thought of this before. and why you didn't add it. Thanks!
  2. Comffyapple

    No Fuel on star

    hello! @Caroline if it failed to recharge maybe it should say that it failed? like this ( No Neo-N can be harvested) or (Failed to recharge Neo-n)
  3. Comffyapple


    Hello Everyone! My Real name is Nawaf, I use my free time to play games or read books. I love Sci-Fi games whatever they are UNLESS THEY ARE MULTIPLAYER! This is my first time backing a game on Kickstarter! I really liked the Crying Suns demo and now I'm playing the beta I also made a subreddit ( r/CryingSuns ) for the game but this forum is nicer Nice to meet all of you and good luck Crying Suns Team!