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  1. I have some more thoughts on hull. The battleship starts with 4x80 in health Enemy Cruisers do 8 DPS, Fighter 5 DPS, and Drones 1 DPS A Cruiser can take off one health bar every 10 seconds and a Fighter is 16 seconds This does not include the additional damage from the enemy Battleship or damage from Critical effects. 2 Cruisers and a Fighter, which is what I encounter the majority of the time in the very first encounter, can take off one health bar in just under 4 seconds. 1 Cruiser and 1 Fighter can do the same in a little over 6 seconds. I think this is very limiting on game progress as you often can't face two such encounters in a row due to the damage sustained in the first encounter. Most of my games end on the very first encounter, sometimes even before I can refuel. I consider myself a fairly average player. I'll continue to gather stats, but in the last 40 games played I encountered 2 Cruisers and 1 Fighter about 80% of the time on the very first encounter. Maybe I'm just having a string of bad luck. During those 40 games I only learned one piece of new lore, about Special H.
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    Repair Hull skill

    IndyNarf, Thank you for your reply. That makes sense in terms of the game lore.
  3. The Repair Hull skill only repairs the current Hull health bar. Once that is fully healed no additional healing takes place. It would seem better to have the Repair Hull skill to be able to repair additional Hull health bars. The repair rate is always going to be lower than the DPS put out by enemy ships so I don't see why this would be a real issue. For example, enemy drones do 1 DPS while the best Repair Hull skill is +4/6 seconds. That's a net loss of 2 health/second. In other words, it's impossible to not take and accumulate damage.
  4. If you upgrade the seats on the shuttle to say 15, but only have 10 Commandos available then you can't launch a planetary expedition. Shouldn't the extra seats be optional? Otherwise, upgrading the shuttle seats is an overall penalty instead of a bonus. The bonus of having additional commandos on an expedition seems to be smaller than the penalty of trying to keep 15 Commandos available for planetary missions.