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  1. Tim

    Beta 2 (mid-september) changelog

    Super excited with this!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!! And as Sevriss said: Onward to many deaths!
  2. Tim

    Riles9 [Crying Suns Team]

    "So say we all!"
  3. Tim

    Squadron Control

    @IndyNarf Thanks so much for your reply/ explanation! I love being part of the Beta so I/ we have this kind of access to the developers. I often have played games and thought to myself "wouldn't it have been cool to...?" or "Could it have been better if....?" This is not only my first Kickstarter, but also my first time as a Beta tester. (Besides Beta reading my wife's books) I can't wait to see the next version, and the next and the next and... etc ? On the fleeing part, it sounds like I'll like your next update quite a bit. Now if I read it correctly, when in attack/ go here mode (So not the recall/ flee one) it is intentional to have my squads engage when touched (Attacked) by an enemy. Unless we might find a Squadron with.... stealth ability?? ? If so, nice. I did think that unless they get intercepted in their flight path I would like my pilots to be able to follow my orders and don't stop even when shot at. Something like GM Jake suggests sounds good. 2 different attack/ move options perhaps? MAybe as an upgrade to your pilots? On the multi point movements, I envisioned it to be I get to click on the map more than once per point. (I.e. first one is 4 fields left and second is 7 spots up) So not dragging a path or anything. I noticed that for me it seems the asteroids tend to always cluster in the exact middle which makes my engagements in a: will they take the high or low road? Perhaps with a tat more movement options that can be more random as well since I(and the AI) can position myself inside an asteroid field. (Without using 3 points) @GM Jake I see what you are saying. If I understand correctly then you are saying: have a 'special' attack command (Afterburner for instance ?) that will make them go to their destination no matter what. Kind of a reverse Flee command. So 1 standard go here and engage anything you encounter on your way and 1 "afterburner" don't stop for anything one. For me right now the waiting for more points to become available so I can go around or through an area feels time consuming. I was hoping to potentially get 2 (then 3 then 4?) points to send them through per point. Like with Google maps after you pick your start and destination you tell it to make the route so it includes going to the bank in between.
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if the squadrons could not get "Glued" to newly encountered enemies and stopped to a complete halt, requiring us to use another point to move them again, or re-recall them. Would a slowdown work better over a complete stop so the 'newly' encountered enemy has a fair chance for a few pot shots but my Squad did not completely forget where they were supposed to go? (Usually get the heck out of harms way ?) My latest example is that I was fighting the Mini Boss at the end of the first map and I was doing really well for a while. I had low energy Squads but maintaining. He send out 2 Cruisers and I had my drones close by. His Cruisers were side by side (left to right) so the 2nd one was able to use his awesome cannon. (I was against the 1 st cruiser on their left) Before that happened I quickly re positioned my drones to be in the middle spot underneath both so no big cannon would be fired at them. However as the drones rounded down from the 1 cruisers they stopped dead in their tracks as they were re-discovered by the second Cruiser who freely used his big cannon to destroy them as I was out of point to re-re-order them to their optimal position. With the limited control we already have with Squadron paths it ends up feeling a bit cheap and frustrating when an enemy gets to glue yours down as they don't recall theirs and you cannot use this advantage against them very easily. Would it be an idea to be able to give your units 1 in between point for each focus point used sort of: go here, but stop at this point in the middle first? Or have that as a ship upgrade to your pilots? 1, 2 and 3 "stop here first points? I think being able to go around your enemies and forcing them to follow you to their ship would add to the realism. Now I basically wait at my ship and sometimes intercept a little bit away from my ship. I don't use squadrons to attack their ship until all their squadrons are gone first.
  5. Tim

    Star map display bug

    Thanks so much. I just tried it again by going through the intro cut scene and then start the game and it happened again. That seems to be the only way I can get it to happen every time. (so far of course) I also tried it full screen 1920 x 1080 and skipped the cut scene after starting it and same deal.
  6. Tim

    Battle controls bug

    I have only had it once so far. I do believe that was the only time I didn't have a squad lined up in the selection slot when the battle started
  7. Tim


    Thanks so much ? I am glad to be a part of it. And for your Football fans: "Allez Les Blues!!" Great job on the WC win! Next time our Orange squad will be there again and hopefully we'll give you a run for your money ?
  8. Tim

    Battle controls bug

    I had the same issue. I started the battled with no squadron in the 'slots' (I had 2 slots at the time) I selected Fighters but wasn't allowed to select their spot on the field. They did show up on the bottom left spot but I couldn't move them to other spots. Same with the Cruisers that came out right after, (1 spot above the Fighters) I could only have them return to the ship by right clicking their icon in the Squadron selection boxes. Tried to have them come out regular after that but nothing changed. *I play on Windows 10, Intel i3-7100, 8 GB Ram and Intel HD Graphics 630* output_log.txt
  9. Tim

    Star map display bug

    I play on Windows 10 Intel i3-7100, 8 GB Ram and Intel HD Graphics 630
  10. Tim


    Hi there, I'm Tim and this is my first time backing a project on Kickstarter. I'm a Dutch native living in the US and I am a big Football fan. (Ajax to be exact) Next to my wife and kids I enjoy Video Games as my primary leisure activity. I like all genres though if I had to pick my top 3 would probably be 1. RPG's (both J and western), 2. Survival/ Sandbox (7 Days's to Die, Stardew Valley, Don't Starve, Terraria, Minecraft, etc) and 3. Sports (Football, NHL, Madden, Tennis etc) Of course there isn't really a genre I don't play. I love the interactive nature for story telling that Video Games possess. Playing punishingly hard (but fair) games gives me a great satisfaction for some reason. Games like FTL, Don't Starve, Demon/ Dark Souls are all right up my alley so backing Crying Suns is a logical extension of that. I'm looking forward to seeing this game in it's complete form!
  11. Tim

    Star map display bug

    Hi there, When I start a game with the introduction cut scene and get to the point of using the Star Map it get's all bunched in the left bottom of the screen. This happens in both Windowed and Full Screen Mode. (I play on 1600 x 900) So if after the introduction I go straight to start game, pick my ship and 2 Hero's this is what the Star Map looks like. (See attached) When I re open, after completely closing it, and start the game without going through the cut scene the Star Map is normal/ full screen. T output_log.txt