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    Oh no it's okay, take your time for the French version ? and I'm not flooding you by asking this feature really. I know it will come and gonna use the English for now. I know how alpha works and it's absolutely okay. When I means "final state" it wasn't reference to the French version, but with a possibility to finish the game for example and entering in deep on the game's atmosphere with for example the unlocked stretch goals.
  2. Cthulhus


    Hi guys and gals ? I'm Cthulhus and I'm a big fan of all pixel art game like FTL, Dungeon of the Endless, Domina ... I love all SciFi stuff (Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous ... ) and it's why Crying Sun is made for me and I need it ! And I'm here and I really hope that I'll spend many hours on that game (and on the forum as well) ! I already love its particular ambiance. I'm always connected to the video game world because I'm working as a Community Manager on Jeuxvideo.com and it's from that I site I was able to discover this game ! Can't wait to play it (in final state). I already done the demo several time :) and I'll start the beta this weekend ! See you ?
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    A french board ?

    Hi, It's possible to have a French board here on this Forum ? And I guess same for other translated language of the game? Thanks !
  4. Cthulhus

    Beta 1 (Mid-August) Changelog

    Just one question : When the French will be available on the BETA ?