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    Good news, everyone! Here comes the first version of the Crying Suns’ Beta and its changelog (compared to the Demo version from the Kickstarter) Gameplay You can now go up to sector 2, and fight the first 2 sector sub-bosses A lot of gameplay balancing (AI, costs, fight patterns, rewards, etc...) 33 new events available in the game, some of which have an impact on the starting- conditions of your fight (For instance, you can now ambush an enemy as well as be ambushed by an enemy, or immediately receive or inflict critical damages) 3 new enemy battleships added : Kosh-Buendia, Empire, Pirate You can now sell units in shops The starting hero roster now includes "generic" random heroes (in the the end, specific faction heroes will need to be unlocked in-game) Most enemies now have an engineering hero repairing their critical damages Added a visual warning feedback when a unit’s path intersects with asteroids In-game menu allowing you to quit the game or return to the main menu (No “save” feature for now, be careful!) Some balancing has been made to the "pursuit" mechanism, it should now be a bit easier not to get stuck in the "red" zone Graphics and sound Added some sound design to the intro cutscene (during the "talking" part) Graphical improvements in the intro cutscene (during the "talking" part) Various improvements on battleship lighting effects The tooltip font size was slightly increased Added Warning popups when using the last of your fuel and when retreating from an expedition A lot of small graphical improvements everywhere in the game and some text corrections BugFix Fixed a bug where a weapon cooldown appeared stuck Fixed a bug where sometimes it was impossible to target a squadron anymore Fixed a bug where enemy AI had its units travel through asteroids Fixed a bug where tooltips were not disappearing properly Fixed a dozen other smaller bugs through the game (performance issues, misplaced objects, stupid AI moves, etc...) Fixed a bug where the bug report popup was not keeping the game in "pause" mode If you have questions or feedbacks about this changelog, please post on the related topic on the "Discussion and feedbacks" section. Enjoy! 
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    Are you planning a crew mutiny if we play a cold and implacable Admiral Idaho? Sometimes you have to be that way to secure the future of the Empire! I've already lost commandos following a tough decision... TRAITORS!
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    @Demerzel I like the fact that you have based this off dune, but more importantly, done an empire collapse based on the western roman empire. Its interesting to explore a route of galactic imperial collapse as its often not explored. Its interesting as well because some of the imperial houses are now carving out their own empires from the carcass of the rotting human empire, and the loyalist are trying to hold onto the scraps, I am looking forward to the lore surrounding these houses!
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    Hey, good morning. Some of you already gave answers and that's great. Thank you a lot. I will add some clarification on the current status and expectations of the features, I hope that will answer most of your questions ^^. If you still have something to ask, feel free to do so ! (maybe I should od some kind of FAQ from this) Bugs: Yes, the star map bug where it's all shrinked in the bottom left corner is known and has a fix that will hopefully be available next week, along with other urgent bug fixes. Upgrades: Fuel efficiency: The fuel efficiency actually increase Odds of higher fuel on stars, but since there is zero visual feedback of it's action it's very hard to feel that it is working. We are thinking to rework both the upgrade and the interface to display clearly when the upgrade was useful by writing it with a nice color upon refueling along with the bonus fuel amount you got. Expedition shuttle size: Another one of the upgrade thrown a bit fast into the kickstarter demo without enough thought put into it ? (as an excuse, time was short!). Nonetheless, the issue is known and we are looking for a way to fix this. Probably remove all expedition minimum commando limit with a big bright warning if you try the expedition with lesser than 10 commando (you fool). Expedition Is it worth? Simple answer: totally. Replenishing your commando should be your number one mid-term objective. The balancing is still being worked on, we are thinking of giving a more probabilistic information when selecting a hero so you won't be surprised if he dies.One kind of shop do sell them, you have to look for stations to increase your odds. In the near future we will add an upgrade for "seeing" system content in advance for you to see the content of shops, it will help you a lot to choose your path amont the stars. In fact it's an important part of the game design we voluntarily omitted in order to have the demo ready for the kickstarter without dying of too much work (We still need lot of energy to make this game awesome with you!). For the expedition, there is actually 3 kinds of rewards and we plan to add more. In the near future you will be able to see the kind of reward to expect, so you will be abnle to concentrate risky mission on what you really need it. Fight: Hull bar (health) represents structural part of your ship. When one is depleted, it's the whole part of the ship that is utterly destroyed. At the end of the fight your mechanics on board are only able to repair a fair amount of the damages but the structural damages need to be repaired at a mechanic shop. Unfortunately, all stations do not have this kind of equipment so you have to look for it. Path finding: We talk about it there Balancing: an answer I made on another thread
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    Hello there, and thank you for your feedback ! I experienced the same issue with squadron movements and there is two points were we are looking for improvement. The first point is "fleeing" an engagement, when giving an order to a squadron to move while being engaged by the enemy, the squadron actually go through a "fleeing" state where they are slowed down and cannot attack, trying their best to disengage themselves from the enemy. This fleeing state only last until they attain a new cell. If I understand correctly the problem occurs when on this new cell, the squadron is still near an enemy able to engage it. In the future, those engagement where you were fleeing will not stop you anymore. The squadron will stay in "fleeing state", being slowed down and fired upon, but will keep moving until they are out of danger or at their destination. Of course, once not fleeing anymore they will be stopped again if engaged by an enemy (unless they have some special ability to avoid so ? ). So you will be able to get around an enemy unit without stoping at every intermediate cell which is totally irritating, I agree. The second point is multi-point movements where you can give order for intermediate cells for a single movement. It allows for a finer definition of the squadron movement. Truth be told, this feature was in the first prototype we did back then (the prototype was scrapped and re-coded when proof of concept was accepted). We are still pondering wether we should add this feature or not, I wanted some player feedback on the subject so we kept it out of the way for the moment. The lack of multi-point movement force the player to put more thought on where to go, but is kind of a hassle sometimes. Will you bear with it for the moment ? The feedback on thoses subjects are a good example of why a beta is important. Your opinion is not only welcome but essential for us, thank you ?
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    Hello, We managed to reproduce it, it requires a strange succession of actions to trigger. Thanks to your feedbacks I think we will be able to release a fix on monday or tuesday ?
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    We were able to reproduce it and fixi it thanks to you informations, we'll update the current version with a fix at the start of next week. I'll keep this topic open until then so that you can confirm that it has been fixed ! Thanks for you help !
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    Hi @EatMeReturns. The bug you're describing seems to be only a visual glitch on the center dialog box when it appears. Thank you for the report. It's been there for quite a time now. We will obviously fix it at some point. But be assured you're not missing anything.
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    Hi Ilya, if I understand correctly you are a kind of sociologist/observer of the video game world, it is interesting to see that our common passion opens new fields of study! We definitely have all types of profiles here:) happy to have you on the team! On that I will test version 1.1, see you later;)
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    Hello Everyone! My Real name is Nawaf, I use my free time to play games or read books. I love Sci-Fi games whatever they are UNLESS THEY ARE MULTIPLAYER! This is my first time backing a game on Kickstarter! I really liked the Crying Suns demo and now I'm playing the beta I also made a subreddit ( r/CryingSuns ) for the game but this forum is nicer Nice to meet all of you and good luck Crying Suns Team!
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    Hello, don't forget to watch Battelstar galactica (again ?) to write some great scenes ?
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    Hullo everyone, I'm Lyrositor (real name: Marc), and I am a complicated mess of French, Canadian and Australian nationalities living in the Netherlands and Belgium currently. I'm a software developer and video game enthusiast (favorite games: Portal 1/2, Invisible Inc. and Hollow Knight). Currently I'm going down a path of apocalypse and yearning attempting to solve the ARG associated with Cultist Simulator while also developing mods for it. I haven't played much of Crying Suns yet, but everything I have seen about it is making me very excited! It's been a while since I've been on a game forum regularly, as I've gotten used to Discord servers lately, but I look forward to meeting all of you.
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    Hi everyone! I am the Lead Developer on Crying Suns. Basically, if it lags, it's on me. When I am not working on Unity, you can find me playing on PS4 (Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, etc.) or Hearthstone. I am also one of the two macOS guys of the team. See you soon in space!
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    Greetings hearthlings, I'm Sevriss, from France, in my thirties, and a huge SF fan in general. When I am not at work, helping disabled children, I spend some of my free time on various video games or books related to SF in general. Crying Suns is my first kickstarté project and I immediately liked its graphic universe and the story that develops there. Plus, it's an opportunity to support a French studio and that counts too ? Good luck to the Devs, everyone have a good time on this beta. See you in space!
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    Hello, I am Specta from France. I'm near 35 years old, I kickstarted the game because I am a huge fan of Faster Than Light and Sci-Fy. I'm playing since the 90'. I learned micromechanics, microtechnics, industrial design and IT support at school. But I am passionate about making machinimas (uploaded on my little youtube channel since 2007), physical sciences and a lot of things. A work which I wanted to do was to create trailers for the small independents games which do not have too many financial means but I (almost) never tried because I am not sure to have the requirement to make great and pro trailer (My videos are ... "craft/artisanals/home-made" Not sure how to say that in english). I wish you a good day.
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    That sounds like an awesome career!
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    Hello Caroline! I live and work in Israel, so my thesis and the following publications are in Hebrew. You can read my main work abstract in English here - https://www.graduate.technion.ac.il/Theses/Abstracts.asp?Id=26994 and currently, I do work on an English translation for possible DIGRA submission. But as a teaching fellow, I mainly work on lectures and academic courses about games, cinema, and environment design.
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    Hello @Ilya Lizard and welcome! Your job and reaserches seem really interesting! Do you publish articles related to these topics? As a beta tester and a member of this community, you are invaluable to us ?... so, thank you!
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    From what I can see, the forum has been developed with "Invision Community" and it might be interesting to report the following issue. Anyone can view hidden/inaccessible topics. Example: This thread http://community.cryingsuns.com/topic/3-comment-poster-un-bug/?do=findComment&comment=3 is the French equivalent of Bug Report. However, it is private, because if you click on it with non-admin permissions, you can't access it. No problem so far, a hidden thread cannot be accessed. Wait, but I am not admin, how did I find out about this thread?! Well, you can see it by going on the message's author's profile; in this case in @Caroline's profile. Therefore, I think it was urgent to report this issue to avoid accidental leaks.
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    Hi! You and your colleagues surely did a great job on the game visuals! The imagery immediately creates a deep feeling of grim, but epic space opera, the world of space empire, once great, but now corrupt - the world of Dune and Simon Green's Deathstalker, just as we all like =). Great designs to accompany a good story.
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    Hello ConanC, I am another tester, not staff, but I feel like answering some of your feedback: "After the initial tutorial, the star map was zoomed way too far out (bug). " It has already been reported and the staff said they are working on it. "When I moved a squadron through one it was totally destroyed by them. After that battle I would try to find paths around them, but the default paths the game chooses always seemed to cross them. Maybe you could implement a way to trace a path around asteroids? Maybe the squadron could stop along that path if you run out of command points and continue when you get more?" I feel like asteroids and pathfinding are part of the game, it makes you spare extra focus points and makes the game harder. Indeed, the pathfinding seems counter intuitive at first because you think that the ships must auto-avoid asteroids, but I think it's intended. Yes, the game is hard, several other testers felt that way. "This lead to the combats feeling largely the same." I felt a little bit the same. " I didn't find a way to replenish my Commandos afterwards" I think i got a random event in which I got 3 commandos, so you can definitely replenish Commandos. However, I feel like the ground missions are too rare, and replenishing is pretty rare aswell.
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    What he's trying to say is: Amazon will bury us all.
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    Hi @Comffyapple. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hey, hello Nawaf! I think you guessed I'm FrenchKarotte on Reddit ? Welcome, and many thanks for your first backing! Nice to meet you (again) too ?