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    @Bryan, thanks for your feedback. The game is created to be hard, but for now, the beta version isn't fully balanced. With your explanations, I think I understand the problem: just as FTL, you can't go back (=go left) on the map, or you will encounter a "threatening fleet" which follows you, and is way stronger than usual enemies. You have to choose wisely which path you are going to take to the exit, because you can't visit each and every systems on the map (otherwise, systems will become orange, then red = big big danger). Balancing is one of our priority, and we are working on it. We will send a survey with the next Beta version, which will normally be released this week. This survey will help us to understand how players perceive the difficulty in Crying Suns. @Specta Hope your test goes well ^^
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    Hello @Specta, The version of the demo is the same version as the current beta version BUT there is a slight difference: beta players have access to the entire Chapter 1 (4 sectors). Demo players have only access to the 1rst sector (= 1/4 of the 1rst chapter). We are working on the release of a new beta version, which should be sent this week. Have I answered your question?